They feel offended... Officials called Novye Izvestia, who stood up for the child, "the fifth column"

They feel offended... Officials called Novye Izvestia, who stood up for the child, "the fifth column"
They feel offended... Officials called Novye Izvestia, who stood up for the child, "the fifth column"
21 January 2021, 15:40City
The publication in Novye Izvestia that a Muscovite could not place her child in a kindergarten aroused anger among Moscow bureaucrats.

Novye Izvestia continues to follow the development of events around the Muscovite Yekaterina Ivanova, who cannot get her daughter in kindergarten just because she does not have a Moscow residence permit. As you know, the Moscow prosecutor's office became interested in this case after the article "Simple swinishness: a Muscovite without a residence permit cannot get her daughter in a kindergarten" published by Novye Izvestia. And yesterday, on January 20, a court hearing was held to consider Ivanova's claim against the Department of Education and Science of the city of Moscow. The court ordered the Department to consider the issue of providing the girl with a place in a kindergarten.

It would seem a victory! Not a bit of it...

The fact is that the publication in Novye Izvestia, contrary to our expectations, did not help the bureaucrats to find some sense, but, on the contrary, angered the representatives of the Education Department, as if our newspaper insisted on something illegal. A representative of the Department spoke out quite definitely on this matter, accusing the plaintiff of “appealing to human rights defenders and making a publication...”

Here is what Ivanova herself writes about this:

“The representative of the department, even before the decision was made, said that the department would not be able to provide a place in kindergarten by a court decision, and that it could only be obtained when the turn comes and there appear vacant places, so most likely the story of knocking out a place will drag on, but I do not intend to cede.

Almost immediately (even in the corridor of the court before the start of the hearing) a representative of the department began to try to convince me that I had turned to human rights defenders in vain. They say you need to solve your question, but their goal is only to show that the government is bad, and therefore they lie that there is discrimination, but in fact there is none.

Later, in the process of considering the lawsuit, he again said that there was no discrimination, that the rules were the same for everyone, and that there were simply no places, therefore they still did not give my child a place, and by a court decision they wouldn’t be given a place anyway. will not appear. Then he began to tell me that I should have gone to sensible lawyers and was very surprised that I myself had a higher legal education, and for some reason I was listening to these human rights defenders, and in the end I realized that I had a principled opinion of the "fifth column" (I thought that no one already speaks like this). He is a young guy... I do not think that he has some kind of a cool position in this department, most likely he is some kind of a leading specialist, but how much all of this has already grown inside him, this is terrifying, of course.

First, of course, he could not help but understand that he was lying. And lying brazenly. To be honest, I do not understand at all how it is possible to deny the obvious things in such a process and say that black is white, and that the plaintiff saying that the black is black is named the one who provides exclusively his own speculation. There are never places for children who do not have registration at the place of the residence. And these children are not given a choice of a place in any other kindergarten, even if their parents apply to the Department with a written statement. I have contacted department twice. The first time they sent me an answer that there were no vacancies, the second time they didn’t answer anything in essence. And this is despite the fact that I generally have a privilege and a primary right to enroll in the kindergarden. At the same time, children who have residence registration are granted places. If there are no places in those chosen by the parents, they are offered in others kindergartens. But they do offer it. I was not offered anything. The only way to get a place is through the courts. Children queue up to school without a lawsuit. But the department insolently assures that there is one order for everyone.

Secondly, the parents themselves are to be blamed for the fact that the child is not given a place. I was accused of choosing not 3, but only 2 educational institutions. But if I would have chosen the third one, then the place might be found. Yeah, right..

Before my trial, I was a listener at another, so there, in general, the representative of the department accused the plaintiff of making changes to the application, changing the desired year of admission to kindergarten, and she herself was to blame for standing at the end of the line. This is certainly not the case. Their program automatically replaces the desired year when they close the current year. I applied and indicated 2019 there, and now, according to their information, I have 2020, but I have not made any changes anywhere. Here I can admit that these representatives (there were already two of them) were not aware of it, but in any case they used everything in order to transfer responsibility to the parents. Even this advice that I had to turn to normal lawyers, again confirms me that they will always shift responsibility for violation of children's rights onto their parents. And in general, if the department believes that the rights of my child are not violated, then why should I go to lawyers???))

Third, why these young people do so much identify themselves with the department? After all, they probably firmly believe in all this nonsense about the fact that the parents are to be blamed and about the fact that if they say that there is no discrimination, then it really does not exist? And about the fifth column. And about the fact that it is human rights activists who are misleading everyone? Of course, the same human rights activists do not give my child a place and lie that there is no discrimination, and the department does everything to ensure that my child does not violate the rights of other children. Where does this reference to an article of the constitution come from in their objections?

There is not a single word about the queue in the constitution. It says that everyone has the right to free preschool education and that's it. My child is no better than others. And no worse than others. Children should all be equal in rights. But in fact this is not the case. My child, who is in this line almost 3 years and 4 months, seems to be trying to get through without it. How is that? When I talk about other children, they answer me that all this is fiction and speculation. But they know that this is not so. Did they really believe this?

I believe that this whole situation is fundamentally abnormal. Two young men are trying to hide discrimination against CHILDREN. For money. For our money (!). And human rights activists are to be blamed for everything. And parents. They are hanging around here and demanding something. Truly the fifth column..."

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