July heat returns to Moscow

July heat returns to Moscow
July heat returns to Moscow
22 July, 18:12City
Forecasters predicted the return of hot July weather to Muscovites - on the weekend the air will warm up to plus 26 - plus 31 degrees.

As stated on the website of the Russian Hydrometeorological Center, warming is due to an anticyclone coming from the west, but the heat will not become as strong as it was in the first July decade.

Today, July 22, up to plus 27 degrees is expected in the capital and the Moscow region, and in some places short-term rain is possible. Tomorrow, July 23, the thermometer will rise to plus 27 - plus 29, and on Sunday already up to plus 30. In the region it will reach plus 31st.

July 25 and 26 will be just as warm. However, at the beginning of the week the weather will become unstable, there will be local intermittent rains and thunderstorms.

In the middle of the month, weather forecasters warned Muscovites about cyclonic whirlwinds. This was facilitated by the Atlantic cyclones, which are becoming more active in the Moscow region.

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