"This is real heavy, this is mockery!" Muscovites are shocked by the new renaming of routes

"This is real heavy, this is mockery!" Muscovites are shocked by the new renaming of routes
"This is real heavy, this is mockery!" Muscovites are shocked by the new renaming of routes
22 November 2021, 17:59City
The Metropolitan Department of Transport has started a new reform, during which public transport routes will be "improved" and their numbering will be changed.

Moscow officials seem to have come up with a new way to "use the budget" - a massive change in the routes of public transport and their numbering. Muscovites and guests of the capital learn about this initiative from announcements at bus stops, and then share their impressions on social networks. Moreover, it is practically impossible to understand the logic of the officials of the Department of Transport, and there is no question of caring for elderly Muscovites. Someone has already called this reform "prevention of dementia for elderly passengers from Liksutov and Mosgortrans..."

Only at the first stage, instead of the usual routes, Muscovites will receive 200 new ones - in the center and in the south of the city. And then others will follow. What for?

Here are just a small fraction of the statements on this subject in social networks:

- Old people, train your brains and memory now!

- Voluntarism. And debility. Bus E - "Express"? But the Department of Transport sawed a decent budget.

- I basically don't understand? No, well, when instead of 63 trolleybus they made bus 63t - this is understandable, but why 37 minibus made 337, and 99 bus 799, I myself cannot explain.

- New signs alone for each stop - the scope of work for many millions.

- This is real heavy, this is mockery!

- I was told that I have a good memory. Not yet remembered. It is rather disorienting for the elderly. Lisa Alert will have something to do.

- If you do it in a normal way, then the buses should run some with two numbers (old and new) so that people get used to it and not get confused.

- Such things are done for show, when the staff of the organization is inflated to a cosmic scale, and now there are people with a project on how to improve the work. We need to see whose initiative and reduce the staff to a minimum. And such initiatives will decline, there will be no one to generate them

- Apparently they expect that everyone has smartphones and a transport application that will draw up a route and sign which bus to sit on. However, many do not have it, and it is unlikely that grandmothers and grandfathers will master it.

- With the numbering, everything is quite clear, you quickly get used to it. But we have removed all the buses that travel around the area. Now people can get to the clinic through the metro and two buses, those who cannot walk 2 km on foot.

- The change of numbers can still be somehow survived, but they cut a bunch of good routes. And now people, instead of using one bus, will have to make three changes or use the metro.

- Today I was driving just on the “new” route, and the old man, swearing at the whole salon, vilified Sobyanin - he mixed up the route number and went to the wrong place.

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