PJSC Samolyot vs Olympic complex: what else will be destroyed in Khimki

PJSC Samolyot vs Olympic complex: what else will be destroyed in Khimki
PJSC Samolyot vs Olympic complex: what else will be destroyed in Khimki
24 August, 11:56City
Soon the residents of Khimki will be left without the Olympic Park, stadium and swimming pool.

The public organization Arkhnadzor has distributed a petition on the Internet against the threat of demolition and development of the Olympics-80 facility in Khimki. The "fault" of the historical complex is that it was built in a birch grove on the banks of the river. After 40 years, the developer liked the place as a multi-storey residential complex.

We are rapidly losing objects of not so distant pride - sports and other facilities for the 1980 Olympics. The Dynamo stadium, the Olympic sports complex, the swimming pool in Luzhniki, the shooting complex in Mytishchi, etc. have already disappeared.

Not far from the Sheremetyevo airport, near the village of Ivakino, the Olympian International Youth Center was built for the Olympics, created by a group of architects: A. Gvozdin, R. Yeltsova, O. Shtilmark, A. Kharitonov, N. Kotrakhova, headed by the architect A.T. ... Polyansky (he also owns the projects of the All-Union children's camp "Artek", the Victory memorial complex on Poklonnaya Gora).

A beautiful hilly place on the Klyazma River with a picturesque birch grove was chosen for the construction. The builders have carefully preserved all natural vegetation. The youth center was built taking into account the terrain in the form of a stepped block, rising to a height of 3 to 8 floors. The complex consisted of three dormitories with 500 seats, a large sports complex with a training hall, an indoor pool, a restaurant, and a concert hall. Relief drops were also used in interiors, the rooms are located at different levels, in other cases they are separated not by walls, but by a series of steps. In front of the main facade there is a viewing platform, surrounded by a parapet, under which there is a summer open-air cinema. From here you can see the views of the river, meadows and the distance beyond the river.

In 1981, the authors of the project were awarded the USSR State Prize in the field of architecture.

During the Olympic Games, meetings and press conferences with champions and prize-winners of the games, competitions in a variety of sports were held here. But even after the end of the Olympics, the Youth Center continued to function for its intended purpose.

Today, the construction company PJSC "GK Samolyot", thanks to family ties with the governor of the Moscow region, has become a de facto monopolist in the development of the region, intends to demolish all buildings, cut down 46 hectares of forest park zone and fill the territory with a 17-storey picket fence. The developer and the authorities are indifferent to the fact that the infrastructure of the district will not be able to withstand so many new residents; the national memory of the 1980 Olympics is indifferent. They don't care that residents will be left without a park, a stadium and the only pool in the area.

The territory has not yet been transferred to the category of land "Residential multi-apartment buildings" required for the start of construction, but is in the category "Recreation and Tourism Zone". Residents of Khimki collected several thousand signatures under an appeal to the administration, sent dozens of letters to the department of cultural heritage of the Moscow region. But is there any hope that the authorities will listen to them and will not create a stone ghetto on the site of the sports and recreational zone?

You can sign the petition here.

PS .

In favor of the fact that the fight against greedy developers makes sense, says the news, which was published a month ago by the website "Ekooborona of the Moscow Region".

“The attempts of" Infinity "LLC to cancel the decision of the Council of Deputies of the city council ended in failure. Khimki, which established a zero-storey zone on the banks of the Moscow, near st. Kirov. Lawyer Dmitry Trunin said from the Moscow Regional Court that the developer was denied to satisfy his appeal. "A cross has been put on the construction site. I recommend that the deceived real estate investors of the Rechnoy residential complex apply for a recovery of their invested funds, otherwise they can stay on the bank of the Canal at a broken trough. And everyone who wants to build in the water protection zone, we recommend thinking hard," Trunin advises.

LLC "Infinity" planned to build a multi-storey residential complex "River" on the bank of the canal. Residents launched a campaign to cancel the project.

In 2019, the Khimki City Court, at the suit of the initiative group, revoked the construction permit, since the project affects the sanitary protection zone of the water supply source in Moscow..."

The developer's attempts to appeal the court decision were unsuccessful.

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