Driving for a corpse? Pay the fine! There is a catastrophic lack of parking in Kommunarka

Driving for a corpse? Pay the fine! There is a catastrophic lack of parking in Kommunarka
Driving for a corpse? Pay the fine! There is a catastrophic lack of parking in Kommunarka
27 May 2020, 16:37City
The publication of NI “Hearse in turn ... The funeral of the dead because of the Covid turns into big problems” attracted the attention of not only readers. It aroused the interest in the Moscow Department of Health. They say there are no parking problems at the morgue in Kommunarka.

However, an investigation by activists showed the opposite.

Irina Mnishek

In a letter to the editorial board of NI, the Moscow Department of Health considered it necessary to inform: the postmortem examination of the dead with suspected CoV-19 in Russia and Moscow is carried out in 100% of cases, unlike other countries. “As for the terms, in the pathological department of the City Clinical Hospital 40 (Kommunark branch), they really can be increased. Pathological department of the City Clinical Hospital №40 is one of the 12 city morgues in which autopsy of patients who died from coronavirus infection are performed. Pathologists make every effort to quickly conduct a post-mortem examination, ”the Department of Health informed us. However, further in the figures cited by various sources, there are quite large discrepancies. “From the body’s entry to the morgue to the autopsy, no more than 2 days pass . After an autopsy, the patient’s body is transferred to relatives for burial or cremation. The average waiting time for the results of the post-mortem examination and the final diagnosis can take up to 3 days, but depending on the complexity, the procedure can last up to 30 days , ”said Polina Belyaeva, head of the press service of the health department.

We derive the arithmetic mean "from 2 to 30". It turns out 16 days ... They say that happens. But most often in social networks they describe the procedure for issuing the body as follows: “ Today we bury my father-in-law - Nikolai Prokopyevich Navolotsky. The corpse was opened 8 days after death in the morgue "Kommunarka". As the funeral agent said: “Morgues allocated under the cove are clogged with corpses and bursts for a week or more,Dmitry Sysoev writes on his Facebook.

The next question is how to get the deceased out of the morgue. The issue of the lack of parking around the morgues is raised by many. Recall how Dmitry Sysoev describes the situation around the morgue in Kommunarka: “ The morgue has almost NO full parking. Many people come for coffins. Around the huge and empty EMPTY. And the "green crocodiles" are hunting for Sobyaninsky pockets for cars that arrived for the corpses of relatives. My eldest son barely left these shameful, insatiable graffiti profiting from corpses. Since we arrived and stood in a row with neighboring cars, of which there are many on the side. The epidemic has already been read for 2 months. Borders shift. Can't parking at the morgue, at the MAJOR morgue at the MAJOR coronavirus hospital? Or do not want to ? " .

Why the Department of Health, and not the Department of Transport, sent us an explanation about the lack of parking, it’s not entirely clear. Anyway. So, they assure us: “Information about the lack of parking is not true. Parking is in front of the morgue at checkpoint No. 2. Visitors can call in on her guest pass issued by security. The list of visitors is formed in advance, relatives arrive at a certain time. Having received news of the death of a relative, his relatives call the morgue by phone, find out when the autopsy will take place, then the date of issue of the body and death certificate is set, the relatives are listed on the pass. Upon arrival, the guard issues a parking pass, ”explained Polina Belyaeva, head of the press service of the health department, to NI.

However, another representative of the health department, Maria Smirnova , writes the opposite on Facebook: “Due to the epidemiological situation, there are really a limited number of parking spaces on the hospital grounds. "This is due to the need to ensure free access and unhindered access to the corps of ambulances, as well as other ambulance vehicles."

Координаторы "Синих ведёрок" несколько раз объехали всю территорию больницы в "Коммунарке" в поисках парковки. Она была обнаружена лишь у Префектуры ТИНАО

This raises several questions. Firstly, are there really so many Covid patients that the ambulances occupy the entire wide route leading to the Kommunarka buildings? Or have we already covered the notorious "second wave"? From the message of the representative of the Department of Health, Ms. Smirnova, one can also make such a conclusion.

Подъезд к больнице в "Коммунарке. Велодорожки, отсутствие парковок и инспекторы МАДИ вдоль дорог...

The second one. We are convinced that there are parking spaces. So where are they? Maybe the health department has in mind po face that Tina Prefecture earnestly published on its official page of his, issuing parking for visitors to the prefecture itself and MFC for parking for the hospital in Kommunarka ?! It is not superfluous to recall that this hospital was originally planned as an oncological one. How did the designers imagine the movement of seriously ill people ?!

Родственники больных предложили чиновникам Префектуры ТИНАО отдать им свою парковку, а самим пересесть на велосипеды.

The coordinators of the “Blue Buckets” Peter Shkumatov and Yulia Koblinova traveled the entire area around the hospital in Kommunarka and shot all the “non-parking space” they saw on video. Shots are more eloquent than any comments. Nevertheless, we asked Yulia Koblinova to tell about what she saw in the vicinity of the hospital in Kommunarka.

“We circled around the hospital complex for a very long time. The fact is that not only parking is prohibited - any stop at the entrance to the hospital is prohibited. The situation is catastrophic. We drove around the entire hospital several times and could not stop anywhere. Even if we assume that there is an agreement with the morgue on parking, few people know about it. Those who come to collect the bodies of the deceased are forced to pay fines. Around the hospital - some bike paths! In what fantastic dream could such a project be imagined? And if a person needs to be discharged from this hospital? He will have to go to the parking kilometer! At the same time, we saw a beautiful, large empty parking lot at the nearby TINAO prefecture. Those who arranged a purgatory for motorists here, having realized their perverted urbanistic fantasies, ruled out any possibility even for a legal stop near the building. Therefore, their relatives are taking the deceased out of the local morgue, conducting a special operation and leaving someone to watch the car, which MADI employees and tow trucks are hunting on both sides, ”said the Blue Bucket coordinator.

In connection with the complaints of those who are unable to park at the hospital and at the morgue at Kommunarka, a Petition was prepared on Change.org . Officials from TiNAO are invited to give their parking to visitors of the hospital and doctors, and transfer to bicycles by themselves, since bicycle paths around are unmeasured.

In general, there is a large share of common sense in this proposal.

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