If to demolish, then according to the law only: how the Muscovites defended their garages and what came out of it

If to demolish, then according to the law only: how the Muscovites defended their garages and what came out of it

If to demolish, then according to the law only: how the Muscovites defended their garages and what came out of it

28 August 2020, 10:32
“The garages in Maryina Roshcha may not live up to the amnesty” - this was the title of the report from the State Sports Complex Energetik (NI, 07/27/2020), where an operation is unfolding to take property from the rightful owners. The story was continued yesterday.

Lyudmila Butuzova

GSK has existed since 1968 and has 180 garages. We lived for ourselves, did not touch anyone ... In June of this year, anonymous announcements appeared on all gates that the garages would be demolished. Yesterday, Energetika fought off the first attack.

An urgent message that things are bad appeared on the Facebook page of Moscow City Duma deputy Sergei Mitrokhin: “The demolition of garages is scheduled for 1 pm. There are no court decisions. There is no justification for the legality of the demolition either. The government treacherously violated its promise not to touch the garages until the presentation of the relevant documents. I hope to have time to come and explain to the raiders that they are wrong".

Managed. The raiders were late, so their plan to quietly cut off the gates of several garages and thereby bring the end of the cooperative's existence has not yet succeeded. Mitrokhin demanded documents from the newcomers explaining their appearance in the GSK and an attempt on other people's property. The "senior" of the collision, who introduced himself as Ilya, could not present them. According to him, "the garages are not yours", the documents that the new owner gave them, are at the post office and as soon as he goes there, he will immediately show. The comedy was broken on video. https://youtu.be/ivccT7zPR-A Everyone's not tired yet.

This genre seems to be the most popular when a scam is started to take property from people. Let us recall the events in this GSK. After unexpected news of the demolition of garages, alarmed owners rushed to the authorities: on what basis? Why weren't you warned? What explains the rush? No official documents on the redevelopment of the territory or on the seizure of land for state needs were presented to the people either in the mayor's office, or in the prefecture, or in the council. “Everyone has round eyes,” one of the victims reported the situation to our editorial office. "And everyone supposedly doesn't know what's going on at all".

The most all-knowing turned out to be an official of the Semyonova district council. According to her, there is an internal order of ROSZELDOR, but she cannot show it and does not know the content - the document has not been submitted to the council. In the section "miscellaneous" on the website of the council there was a short the message that the railroad workers really issued an official order, but not a word about how it affects the garage cooperative and why it is necessary to force people to leave the place. “Further, Semyonova told me that it is necessary to apply for inclusion in the list to receive monetary compensation,” said our source. “Moreover, the compensation will be paid by Russian Railways after I sign an agreement with this organization on the sale of garages. Those who balk, the official warned, will get nothing, and the garages will be demolished anyway. "

One mention of Russian Railways should have aroused awe among the owners and a burning desire to "voluntarily" transfer their garages to an all-powerful interested party. The administration prepared the application forms for compensation, they only had to sign. Some of the citizens, out of fear that they would lose not only garages, but also payments for their loss, signed the statements. Another part doubted the legality of the procedure and suspected something was wrong. Activists asked the deputy of the Moscow City Duma Sergei Mitrokhin to figure out who and why muddy the water around their "Energy".

The deputy came to the meeting and popularly explained to the audience that all issues related to the seizure or alienation of property in favor of any persons or structures are resolved only in court and nothing else. Here, in Energetik, according to him, there is a generally egregious case - the executive authorities were saluted not by court, but by order of Roszheldor. Mitrokhin promised to inform the prosecutor about the threat of illegal demolition and at a meeting with the head of the Lithuanian council to inform what was going on under his nose.

Garages perked up. The only thing that was embarrassing was that there were 180 garages in the cooperative, but few people came, ready to fight for their property. The rest, it seems, at this time, wrote posts in the home chat of the GSK that "everything has already been decided", "not a single official was for the townspeople, they, like locusts, take everything from us for our money and complicate our life." It is not a fact that they were wrong, but Mitrokhin's calls to defend his rights did not cause much enthusiasm. Yesterday, for example, when they came to the GSK to destroy garages, the hijackers were dispersed by three women and a chairman led by a deputy. It was, however, rain ... But even before the bad weather, 86 owners signed up for the demolition of garages in exchange for compensation from Russian Railways.

- I said from the very beginning: it is necessary to withdraw your applications with a request for compensation, - says Mitrokhin. - This is the first priority if people want to keep their garages safe and sound. From practice I know: first of all, they begin to break the boxes on all willing citizens. After that, it is easy to trample everyone else. I myself did this: on the demolition announcements, which are pasted on the garage doors, I wrote in large words - "This is illegal" and put my signature.

The only thing left to do was to take the regional authorities as allies, which until now were in the dark who was molding illegal nonsense on garages and why people were worried about it. On August 10, Sergei Mitrokhin, together with members of the State Sports Complex "Energetik", met with the head of the Maryina Roshcha Administration Vladimir Litovsky.

“The conversation turned out to be constructive”, - the deputy said on his Facebook page. - We discussed the threat of demolition of 180 garages - without court decisions and an intelligible construction project in their place. Vladimir Vladimirovich promised to request documents confirming the intention of Russian Railways to build new railways on this territory. After receiving them, he promised to hold a new meeting with the owners, at which he would clearly explain why they should part with their garages. Until then, NOBODY WILL TOUCH their garages!"

What a surprise! Yesterday there was a raid and it was recaptured only by heroic efforts by Mitrokhin who arrived in time.

- There are two options: either the Lithuanian treacherously broke the promise given to the members of the GSK, or Semenova really does not care about the head and does not care about his promises. And at the same time on the reputation of the authorities, - says the deputy. Tatyana Semenova is the same official who, presumably, on her own initiative, persuaded owners to transfer their garages to ROSZELDOR and slip them compensation claim forms. Moreover, without an invitation, she came to a memorable meeting with the head and "constantly interrupted Vladimir Vladimirovich".

- She clearly did not like the offer to wait with the demolition, - Mitrokhin recalls. - Her behavior was so defiant that I was mistaken for a representative of the prefecture. But no, she was not even the deputy head of the council, but only the head of the sector.

Nightmare! People who have read the post of Sergey Mitrokhin demand fair retribution for the head of the sector, who outwitted the head of the council himself.

Marina Lukyanets: "This is a conspiracy with Russian Railways. Do not bother with her. Initiate a criminal case against her through the Ministry of Internal Affairs. She will start stamping contracts with garage workers. A similar case happened in Ochakovo-Matveyevsky last summer".

In Ochakovo, as far as we remember, the clerk who performed a similar operation went for a promotion. In Maryina Roshcha, the proactive official continues to work hard.

“Yesterday she called the chairman of GSK and said that by the end of this week all garages would be demolished”, lament the members of the cooperative, who have not yet succumbed to her persuasion to change their property for a number of banknotes from ROSZELDOR.

And that's it, a normal deal, no ships and no hassle.

Sergey Mitrokhin, who has entered for the humiliated and insulted, does not agree with this statement of the question.

“We managed to repulse the first attack on GSK Energetik”, he says, not without pride. - The contractor came to break down the doors in those boxes, whose owners signed an agreement with Russian Railways to pay compensation. I said that without documents confirming the right to demolition, I would not allow anything to be demolished. After a long and difficult conversation, the contractor promised to send me the documents, and next week he will show up again, but this time with a police squad. So we will prepare - not just for an attack, but for a whole assault.

It is possible that by that time the army of garage defenders will have thinned considerably. Yesterday there were three aunts, by the end of the day one was almost exhausted. In any case, to the reporter's question - - "Do you think they will demolish you or not?" - the woman answered, "They will, of course". And only the adamant look of the deputy Mitrokhin made her add: - "But we want it to be according to the law".

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