"Wishing you courage, Muscovites!" One of the projects of the monument to Kobzon appeared on the network

"Wishing you courage, Muscovites!" One of the projects of the monument to Kobzon appeared on the network
"Wishing you courage, Muscovites!" One of the projects of the monument to Kobzon appeared on the network
28 September 2021, 09:57CityPhoto: Фото: социальные сети
The monument, which will perpetuate the memory of the famous pop singer, will appear in the Oruzheyny lane of the Tverskoy district of Moscow

As you know, in the spring of this year, the Moscow City Duma approved the decision to install a monument to Iosif Kobzon in Moscow's Oruzheiny Lane. The monument will cost the city budget 52 million rubles. It should be noted that the capital's deputies made this decision despite the resistance of the deputies of the municipal district to which this place belongs, as well as the residents of the Tver region - they will have to see a new work of monumental art every day. And after such "masterpieces" as the monument to Prince Vladimir or the designer Kalashnikov, there is practically no doubt that the new one will also be terrible. By the way, it was in Oruzheyny Lane that Boris Pasternak was born, but for some reason they are in no hurry to perpetuate the memory of one of the best poets and prose writers of the twentieth century, moreover, a Nobel Prize winner.

It should be recalled that the scary monument to Mikhail Kalashnikov (who had nothing to do with this place) with a gun at the ready was installed in the immediate vicinity of the ill-fated lane. As Nikita Romashko, a resident of the Tverskoy district, noted:

“This is the center - people like to walk and walk here, there should be a lot of boulevards here. And when all these spaces begin to be replaced by some kind of monuments, it's a little strange. Moreover, the monuments themselves have a controversial artistic value. I remember what an active discussion the monument to Kalashnikov provoked in due time. It has a certain aesthetics, you know, of graveyard monuments to fellows in the 1990s”.

By the way, in the spring, the district council of deputies also called on the mayor's office not to turn the boulevards "into understudies of the Novodevichy cemetery"...

One more circumstance is also frightening: immediately after the approval of the idea of erecting a monument to Kobzon, the author of both monstrous monuments to Kalashnikov and Vladimir, the sculptor Shcherbakov said that he is ready to get down to business!

It is not yet known whether he really got down to it, but the first draft of the monument to Kozbon has already appeared on the Web. The blogger Dmitry Grazhevich, who published it on his blog, writes:

“Very soon, not far from the Museum of Decorative Arts and the monument to Mikhail Kalashnikov, a monument to Iosif Kobzon will appear. This is kind of one of the projects. Courage to you, residents of the Tver region..."

Readers' reaction was unequivocal:

- The Head of Professor Kobzon. It would be necessary to limit the age of access, a fragile mind may not cope

- Some advise you to simply erect a monument to Kobzon's wig - it seems to me that it will never be demolished

Monument devoted to Kobzon in Donetsk.

- And the soul of the contemplating will sing...

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