Moscow authorities are considering plans to tighten quarantine

Moscow authorities are considering plans to tighten quarantine

31 March 2020, 12:46City
One of the working options for such a plan came to the editorial office of Novye Izvestia. It lists possible measures to strengthen the regime and control citizens.

The main thing is that any exit or departure from your home will be possible only after prior notice to the authorities.

1. Only security officials, APs and deputies will be able to move freely around the city. Those who work - only from home to work. Trips to the cottage and to relatives - by prior request. Without applications - only to the store in your area.

2. Control will be carried out using patrols, a special mobile application, road surveillance cameras and upon payment in stores

3. Responsibility for violations of citizens - from April 4

4. Employers apply for passes through their personal account on

5. In order to get an individual pass for a trip on request, you need to register a personal account on and attach a photo.

6. To go to the store you should have a QR code with you.

Moreover, it is completely unclear what will people who do not have computers and printers do at home?

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