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The sky inside: how to describe the Russian province without praise and without swearing
A book of essays on Russian provincial sights was published.
26 May
“Go and learn the text”: Mikhalkov’s father, unlike his son, communicated with the enemies without the obscenities
While the fabulist and songwriter Sergei Mikhalkov was able to speak witty and decent about his opponents, his son Nikita did not inherit this...
24 May
Lyudmila Petrushevskaya: “Everything around here is postponed for a time called “never”
On May 26, the writer, playwright, artist Lyudmila Petrushevskaya will turn 82 years old. Lyudmila Stefanovna works a lot, she only has 6...
22 May
Is not familiarized with the gratitude? Vladimir Mashkov did not help Alyona Galich
The only heiress of the playwright and poet Alexander Galich, whose role in the play was glorified by Vladimir Mashkov, needs help.
21 May
From the freedom of the 1990s - into the jelly of the 2000s: what is the difference between the cult films Brother and Zhmurki
If the first cult film by Alexei Balabanova Brother became a kind of anthem of the freest era in the history of the country, then Zhmurki became...
18 May
“What kind of people did you kill to get meat from?..” What was not shown in the TV series about Zuleikha
I wonder how Russian fans of Stalin would have reacted if they had seen the truth about those events in the series “Zuleikha opens her eyes”?
17 May
Eurovision final replaced by online concert “Europe Lights the Light”
Artists from 41 countries who were supposed to take part in the main European song contest performed together Love Shine a Light remotely, each in...