Tripper, helminthiasis, alcoholism... James Bond was diagnosed by doctors

Tripper, helminthiasis, alcoholism... James Bond was diagnosed by doctors
Tripper, helminthiasis, alcoholism... James Bond was diagnosed by doctors
2 January, 16:42CulturePhoto: EON
A group of British doctors published a study on agent 007 in Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease. Experts analyzed his lifestyle and found out how alcohol, promiscuity and other risk factors should have affected his health.

The researchers watched all 25 Bond films, from Doctor No (1962) to the new No Time to Die (2021), according to the Daily Mail. During this time, agent 007 made 86 trips abroad. Any real agent who followed the Bond route would be guaranteed to suffer from sexually transmitted infections (STDs), alcohol poisoning, tropical diseases, food poisoning, helminthiasis and malaria.

“Overall, we found that Bond was unfamiliar with the health risks associated with travel and was particularly naive about the threat of infectious disease", - the article says.

The authors note that Bond's sexual activity is above average, he often enters into a relationship without knowing his partner's sexual history, which is fraught with STDs. In total, Bond had 59 sexual relationships - 2.4 per film. It is curious that his partners have a “surprisingly high mortality rate”: one in four does not survive, and many die immediately after having sex with him.

Another danger: Agent 007 does not know how to avoid transmission of respiratory viruses. For example, in the movie You Only Live Twice, trying to disguise himself, he covers his face with a mask that was recently used by another person. Health experts advise against doing this, especially in the era of covid, as it can lead to inhalation of infected droplets. Other respiratory viruses can also persist on masks.

Bond's addiction to martinis and vodka cannot help but lead to dehydration. This is all the more likely since it often acts in hot climates and is forced to endure extreme physical exertion. Only three times in the whole of Bondiana agent 007 appears with soft drinks - orange juice (From Russia with Love), coffee (Doctor No) and water (Casino Royale).

In early films, Bond is also a heavy smoker. Fortunately, by the time Daniel Craig started playing him, he had given up this unhealthy habit.

Bond often indulges in delicacies, but this aspect of his luxurious lifestyle is not without risk. He often eats unwashed fruit, risking worms. And eating raw oysters threatens with vibriosis, norovirus and hepatitis. The addiction to oysters is probably due to the belief that they are an aphrodisiac, but they are equally likely to lead to acute diarrhea.

Well, the reckless courage of Bond, forcing him to risk his life every now and then, according to experts, can only be explained by the fact that he is infected with toxoplasmosis - a disease that turns off the instinct of self-preservation in the carrier. For example, in mice, toxoplasmosis is associated with a loss of fear of cats.

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