Theater expert in civilian clothes: censorship in theaters will be carried out by Mikhail Lermontov (not a poet!)

Theater expert in civilian clothes: censorship in theaters will be carried out by Mikhail Lermontov (not a poet!)
Theater expert in civilian clothes: censorship in theaters will be carried out by Mikhail Lermontov (not a poet!)
3 August 2021, 15:59Culture
Social networks rightly assume that the Kremlin will soon approve the theatrical repertoire in the country.

Novye Izvestia has already announced another shameful decision made by Russian officials to tighten censorship in the country. The Public Council under the Ministry of Culture will check the repertoires of Russian theaters for compliance with the national security strategy. This decision was made after the Investigative Committee initiated an investigation against the Sovremennik Theater. The department has questions about the production of "First Bread". Investigators are already checking her for possible insult to veterans..."

It is noteworthy that this disgusting news was announced by the chairman of the council, businessman Mikhail Lermontov, who has long and successfully passed himself off as the main representative of the Lermontov family. This is doubly funny if we recall the famous lines of the current Lermontov's complete namesake about the "unwashed land of masters, the land of slaves." The well-known Russian actor Gennady Smirnov responded to this fact, which speaks eloquently about the humiliating state of Russian society as a whole, and how easily the geneticist is losing his ground when faced with a harsh reality. Who else, if not he, will have to face the "drama experts in civilian clothes":

"Public hearings on the issue of theater repertoires in terms of compliance with the national security strategy will be held by the public council under the Ministry of Culture under the leadership of Mikhail Lermontov".

I think there are much more good people with decent surnames, which is what Lermontov alone takes the rap for.

For example, it is not at all difficult to find Anna Akhmatova for the position of the head of the educational work of the Federal Penitentiary Service, the country is big.

On the agriculture of Sergei Yesenin.

For the construction of Leo Tolstoy.

Just imagine how the news will change! "F. Dostoevsky instructed M. Bulgakov to sort out the prices for carrots" or "M. Tsvetayeva, in his address to Ch. De Gabriac, angrily opposed the increase in gas tariffs".

On the Investigative Committee, if you strain, you can also dig up Benckendorff, but there seems to be a beautiful surname..."

Smirnov received more than a thousand responses to his cheerful post, and in one of them a completely radical proposal is made:

“The Russian government must keep its people in a state of constant amazement. Saltykov-Shchedrin - in the premiere !! In general, he is universal and relevant, like no one else..."

And Leonid Yannau makes a forecast that should come true in all respects:

“Soon all, without exception, plays, before staging them, will have to be approved, except for the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Defense, the FSB, the Committee of War Veterans, the Union of Officers, the Duma Committee for the Protection of the Constitutional System and a number of others. After receiving all the approvals, the list of plays allowed for staging will be submitted for final approval to the President of the country. After signing them, which will be reported in the "Rossiyskaya Gazeta", theaters will be able to proceed directly to the performances..."

The publicist Leonid Lyamin, as usual, ridiculed the inspectors in verse:

Our Motherland is beautiful and blooms like poppies,

So that Uncle Vanya does not give out the rocket launch codes,

Do not buy our adversaries our sweet Cherry Orchard,

Special guys are watching carefully for this.

Although Chekhov's Seagull is a native creature for us,

But they are watching her specially through the air defense sights.

We made interceptions as part of a radio game,

And the Three Sisters were caught red-handed early in the morning.

Everyone: Ranevskaya, Lopakhin, even the elderly Firs,

NATO is waiting for the landing in Sevastopol to the pier,

So that the enemy does not take Saratov, Krasnoyarsk and Krasnodar,

Special guys stir up the repertoire.

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