Yuri Stoyanov: "I am a living example of a chipped, digitized and controlled person"

Yuri Stoyanov: "I am a living example of a chipped, digitized and controlled person"
Yuri Stoyanov: "I am a living example of a chipped, digitized and controlled person"
3 September, 19:45CulturePhoto: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9DQ7hYibNc
Yuri Stoyanov has become a guest of the new edition of the Legend program on the RTVi channel.

In an interview, the artist talked about how he relates to his success, about a quarrel with Mikhail Efremov over Zhanna Friske, commented on the conflict with Victoria Bonya, explained why he considers covid dissidence idiocy, called himself "a terrible coward and lazy", and also shared the history of meeting Leonid Brezhnev and Viktor Sukhorukov.

About success and genius

No, I didn't believe (in success). Faith is hope. And I knew. I knew. I knew that everything would be fine. I thought, how could such a talent not be in demand?

I'm just kidding. I need to answer something.

I try to answer funny. But in general, he said the truth, in fact.

I really knew. Do you know why? I will answer you seriously. Because I had such amazing teachers who, however, invested a lot in me. Myself. Unlike Vitka Sukhorukov, I am a trained artist. He is from God, and I am well learned.

And my parents, who have experienced a lot because of me, and my friends, and my personal life ... A lot of people believed in me.

And I thought, really, all these efforts and faith of so many people, and mine - will be deceived? I have no right to deceive them. Another thing is that I did nothing for this. But it turned out that strategically, in terms of the depth of my profession, I was doing the main thing - I was accumulating failures and pain. Accumulated and accumulated. And there is nothing stronger than this human foundation in my profession.

Or you have to be brilliant. Probably not for me.


How he created the Gorodok television program together with Ilya Oleinikov

We laughed twice in twenty years of this show's existence. But we knew how they would laugh there, from the other side (of the screen).

We didn't make people laugh, that's what the whole thing is! We did not have such a fad: "so that they laugh."

No, if not funny - of course, goodbye, we just had the knowledge that it was funny. But this is just the foundation - that it will be funny. Only the foundation. And then - you have to spit into eternity.

About your laziness

I am a terrible coward and lazy. Everything I have done in life, I have done from the fight against laziness. But laziness saved me from so many stupid actions. I did not commit them, not because I am an intelligent, courageous, courageous person with an active civil position. Vice versa.

I am an absolute lazy person, and this laziness saved me from doing idiotic things, including joining the Communist Party.

How Viktor Sukhorukov became his brother

A room measuring 8 square meters, in general, brought me closer to Viktor Sukhorukov. It's simple. We are classmates and we lived in the same dorm room. Not that long actually, two years.

Vitka, he is, probably, as a relative became to me then. Because he understood that I was such an unadapted guy, at the age of 17 I entered.

I was the youngest on the course. And he took such fraternal patronage over me and taught me everything as an external student. Both good and not so good. And to this day we have such a connection with him. We rarely see each other, but I know that he is, and he knows that I am. It is very interesting to listen to him, he speaks very tasty and very wise. Looks like a scoundrel! I say: Sukhorukov, I'm tired of growing old in relation to you. Come on, you will still look worse for six years, the only request is to you.

About meeting with Brezhnev

At her birthday ( talking about the granddaughter of Leonid Brezhnev - approx. "NI" ) there was a meeting with the Secretary General. What is Brezhnev: this is a man who looked at you from all screens, from all pages, from all houses, posters.

It's hard for you to imagine - a nuclear superpower and two presidents on Earth, two main people: the secretary general of the Soviet Union and the president of the United States of America.

These two people decided the fate of the planet. And you sit with one of them and tell him more jokes about him.

About the main Odessa citizen Mikhail Zhvanetsky

The main citizen of Odessa, of course, is Mikhail Mikhailovich Zhvanetsky. He was, he remains, despite his recent departure. And irreplaceable. This place is not rotatable, and it can never be vacant.

About how he dressed in Zhanna Friske to play Mikhail Efremov

Mishka really liked Zhanna Friske. We realized that if we like it, then we need to arrange a meeting with her. They persuaded the daughter of Vitaly Solomin. They took her somewhere, gave her a phone number, told her what to say. I said: "Misha, I agreed on everything, Zhanna Friske will call you."

She called him, they talked and made an appointment. In the evening, among the decorations, I in a women's fur coat 2XL or 3XL, in a women's wig, in women's makeup, went out to meet him among these decorations, and he was with a bouquet of roses. He walked, and when he saw me, he was very upset. We apologized to him for that.

About the conflict with Victoria Bonya (on his YouTube channel in the video "Stoyanov in Isolation", the actor ridiculed the statement of the ex-star of "House-2" Victoria Boni about chipping people with the help of the coronavirus vaccine - note "NI") :

I didn't troll her too much, although it was harsh. When all this talk about chipping began, covid dissidence began, it was like his banner.

Even then, I understood, knowing how amazingly this machine works in our country, when it comes to politics, that we would lose another war against the antiquities. And I wanted very harshly, with a shout, too much, a little boorish to make it clear that this is nonsense. And how to make people understand that this is nonsense?

This form is funny, short, tough - you have to walk along the blade. Since we are talking about sheer stupidity and idiocy, this is the language I communicated with. For me, Victoria Bonya is a character.

About coronavirus vaccination

I am a living example of a chipped, zombified, digitized and controlled person. The question is, when they say that a vaccine must undergo a five-year study, I want to ask, as a doctor's son: what epidemic in the history of mankind made it possible for scientists to study a vaccine for five years? Unfortunately, no epidemic provides such an opportunity.

The entire episode with the participation of Yuri Stoyanov can be viewed here .

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