Musician Andrey Gubin: "I consider myself a great martyr"

Musician Andrey Gubin: "I consider myself a great martyr"

Musician Andrey Gubin: "I consider myself a great martyr"

4 October, 15:52
The peak of Andrey Gubin's popularity came at the beginning of the 2000s, but for many years the author of the hits "My dear is far away", "Girls are like stars", "Bird", etc., which are still loved, are practically invisible and not heard, and the rare news that leaks out about him makes fans worry about the artist.

The other day Andrey visited the studio of the radio "Komsomolskaya Pravda" and spoke frankly about how he lives.

“I rarely give interviews now. I thought about how to talk, what to talk about. I am still inclined to give interviews somewhat softly.

There is no need to swear, and probably not much to complain. But, on the other hand, it seems, and the truth must be told. It's impossible to lie all the time.

That is, there are some problems, and quite big ones, but you portray something as Americans - no, it's okay, it's okay, everything is fine! That is, this is also somehow wrong.

I got on television at the age of 15. Once upon a time people, on the contrary, spoke exactly the truth. And it was interesting to hear about what is really happening, and not what they pretend to be.

But still, I would not like to say a lot of harsh things today, but I may say some harsh things, but. Again. You stop me in time, because if you don't stop me, I will just constantly swear at the surrounding reality.

Because I don't like a lot.

The attitude towards me is simply swinish all the time, from all sides. So much beastliness in my life...

I just wanted to say that I consider myself a great martyr, I'm serious. So you think, the great martyrs - they are somewhere out there, Seraphim of Sarov or something like that...

Here is a great martyr in front of you, his name is Andryusha Gubin, eprst, here, this is what I specifically say about myself. And it really is me.

Look at my photographs sometime, and look at me now. It’s awful what’s happening to me.

And everyone around me is constantly trying to drive me into the grave.

And I absolutely do not like the attitude of society towards me.

And now, they say, "homeland". And Shevchuk sings: "Motherland, let them shout - "she's ugly"", but I like her! It’s a pity that she’s not a beauty”, - something like that.

For some reason, it is in my homeland that I feel the greatest amount of swinishness that falls on me.

I can give you a million examples, and this has been happening every day for the past fifteen years.

...For example, maybe this is my last interview with teeth. And they choke me and choke me, choke me and choke me, wet me and wet me, every day.

...You see, I cannot speak, I have already begun to lisp. I started to lisp! What a disgrace. This is what generally had to be done with a person so that he began to lisp! My teeth are falling out.

And every day there is pressure on me, it is very ugly.

Unfortunately, I am being deceived at every step. And this continues for a very long time. Not one day, but for fifteen years it continues.

The only thing that helps me with my illness, I realized this, is a physical movement to provide a rush of blood to the neck, to the head, to the back.

Well, as soon as I realized that I was seriously ill, I immediately went to the gym, bought a subscription, spent some money. At first, I spent 150 thousand dollars on doctors. This is a very serious amount of money.

Try to spend 150 thousand dollars on doctors. This is to diagnose, to cure... 150 thousand dollars earned at concerts is not so little, you can buy a few apartments for yourself, you can buy a country house.

And in the end they told me: boy, get ready for the funeral, and so on.

Well, okay, I'm an athletic person, I went to play sports, I went to the gym. Just do not be offended, guys, from the gym with whom I worked, there are good people there, I will not argue.

That is, I am not saying that all the goats, but I am one such great and wonderful Andrey Gubin, the great martyr. I don’t say that. I’m just saying that there are good people, there is good in the world.

So I go back to the dressing room, my sneakers are torn. Okay, I think, I guess I didn't notice. I come back from the second training session, my coat is torn.

Please go buy new sneakers and a new coat.

Returning to my home, I have a scratched table. Returning home the next day - a scratched chair. A day later - I have a torn tablecloth. The next day - burned-out curtains.

I left the country, they immediately write that I am a drug addict and fled the country.

They write that I am a drug addict and cannot fall in love, nothing.

That is, you know, I’m not saying that I’m an air angel and all that, I’m a person who does some things, but I’m definitely not a person who lives only by this, this is really not so.

So I open my photos on Yandex - look, not a single normal photo of Andrey Gubin is left! Someone specially posted photos where Andrey Gubin stands with a wretched face, wrapped in a scarf, at some party at Julia Beretta's ...

The press is full of false information about me, which is being spread by someone.

Lives terribly (Andrey Gubin today)! Lives disgustingly! In general, consider, does not live, rots alive! Rotting alive, but everyone kicks him!

I have the impression that there is some kind of translator between me and society, who turns everything upside down..."

The entire interview with Andrey Gubin can be viewed here.

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