A tampon instead of a rose: Bogomolov called those who did not like his "Carmen" fools

A tampon instead of a rose: Bogomolov called those who did not like his "Carmen" fools
5 April , 18:34Culture
Perm viewers are perplexed why the director mocks the classics at the expense of taxpayers

The premiere of the famous opera Carmen by Georges Bizet, staged by Sobchak's husband Konstantin Bogomolov, took place in Perm. Fueled by the recent scandal sparked by Bogomolov's article about the decline of the West, the public is noisily discussing this event online.

Judging by the reviews, Bogomolov, in his own style, again radically altered the classic plot of Prosper Merimee, making the main character an Odessa Jew and the hero a Russian soldier. The singing is interspersed with prosaic recitative, the words of which, as usual, were invented by Bogomolov himself. His Carmen becomes a red commissar and gives birth to children from unknown fathers. As usual, Bogomolov focused on naturalistic details. For example, in one of the episodes, Carmen pulls out from under her skirt and gives Jose a rose in the form of a bloody tampon.

A whole troop of Bogomolov art fans headed by Sobchak, as well as music and theater critics from central publications, flew to the premiere from Moscow. The reviews of the latter were mixed. For example, the famous critic Vadim Zhuravlev called his video report "Maniac for Sobchak with an orchestra", and critic Natalya Kondratyeva was delighted with the production, albeit with the proviso: "I accepted and loved the performance, but I will not dare to recommend it to anyone..."

And here is what Oleg Myasnikov from Perm saw at this premiere:

“Well, dear friends, who saw the new“ Carmen ”on the stage of our opera house, got aesthetic pleasure from the“ theatrical perversion ”of a fashionable bohemian character?

No?!! How so ?!

Did you not know that he married Ksyusha Sobchak ?!

Did you not know that he calls for the isolation of "Russian civilization" in a separate FSIN carriage?!

Nothing, nothing, you, apparently, will have to find in this "innovation" and "the right to the author's interpretation".

Otherwise, how not to injure your nervous system with the knowledge that your own money in the form of taxes went to the fee of this subject! ..

I would like to say a special thank you to the one who came up with the idea to invite Bogomolov to stage in our theater!

To say thank you and clarify "How much, how much?!"


If you saw the play and you didn't really like it or, God forbid, you are outraged by it, then this man from Instagram with the nickname Konbog (konbog), (that is, the director himself Konstantin Bogomolov - ed. ), For you, “fools "Prepared illustrations of the" triumph "about the drunken Escamillo and about the enthusiastic shouts of the Moscow guests in the hall, overlapping no news (in this hall I heard the applause deeper and more energetic) clapping of the puzzled spectators ..."


Perhaps the most accurate response to the performance was the replica of another Perm citizen, Mikhail Kozminykh:

“Guardians of dusty eternity? If you are such a genius, then write something of your own and call it with your unique name, and do not cling to classic stories from dusty eternity.

From dusty eternity: when Plisetskaya planned to do the ballet "Carmen Suite" based on Bizet's opera, neither Shostakovich nor Khachaturian agreed to reshape the original musical material precisely for ethical reasons. Only her own husband agreed to do this cover-version business... People had a conscience (unlike the Sobchaks), although no one there threw pads and spat into the auditorium..."

Other comments on Myasnikov's post are also matched:

"For those who love and understand this mockery of the eternal and beautiful. And for those who do not love and do not want to understand, it is time to stop adjusting the beautiful and eternal to their base needs, portraying advanced connoisseurs of a new sense. You do not need the classics at all, so stop tormenting and tormenting it...”, - It seems to me that you cannot distort the authors at all. Just as it is impossible to steal (plagiarism), so it is impossible to distort the original source. Write your rubbish with your name and your authorship. But they also need to join the great in order to push themselves".

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