Question of the Day: isn't it dangerous now to listen to Alla Pugacheva's songs in Russia?

Question of the Day: isn't it dangerous now to listen to Alla Pugacheva's songs in Russia?
Question of the Day: isn't it dangerous now to listen to Alla Pugacheva's songs in Russia?
5 October, 17:17CulturePhoto: Соцсети
According to informed sources, the work of the prima donna is banned on Russian radio channels.

Ivan Zubov

The songs of Alla Pugacheva and Valery Meladze, who did not support Russia's special operation in Ukraine, have already been removed from the lists of all Russian radio stations, the agency reported, citing its source.

Alla Pugacheva has been holding the palm on the agenda in recent days. Yesterday, as Novye Izvestiya has already reported, the prima donna called her persecutors "serfs and slaves". The response arrived immediately: one of the organizations of the Third Force coalition sent a statement to the head of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, Bastrykin, asking him to check Pugacheva's statements for compliance with current legislation. So it is possible that an administrative or even criminal case will be initiated against her.

By the way, journalist Ksenia Sobchak supported Pugacheva, writing in her account: “They, alas, like those who were “appointed” to like... this is a tragedy..."

Meanwhile, according to the sociological service "Levada Center" ( recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation), 36% of Russians condemn Pugacheva's speech in support of her husband, Galkin (recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation), while 21% support Pugacheva. Interestingly, the older the respondent, the more often he condemns (in the group "18-24" 17% condemn, in the group "55+" -48%). But it is the older generation of Russians that was literally brought up on her songs. In addition, those who believe in television condemn Pugacheva almost twice as often as those who believe in social networks (46% and 28%, respectively).

Censorship on the stage was introduced from the very beginning of the SMO

It's no secret that Pugacheva returned to Russia only to sell her property in order to emigrate after her husband. So the country will be left not only without the most popular singer of the last half century, but also without her songs, if the information is confirmed that all the songs of both her and Valery Meladze, and musical compositions written by his brother Konstantin Meladze, have been secretly removed from the radio.

It is reported that Polina Gagarina, and Ani Lorak, and the VIA Gra group, and a dozen more artists, whose repertoire includes many songs by Konstantin Meladze, also fell under the distribution.

The Rise publication asked the press service of Russian Radio for help, where they told reporters that Pugacheva’s songs weren’t on the air at all, not because of censorship, but because of the “lack of new compositions”:

“If we talk about the songs of Alla Pugacheva, her songs have not been on the air of Russian Radio for a very long time, and this is due to the lack of new songs by the singer that would meet the needs of our audience.”

The source of Rise on Russian Radio said that Pugacheva’s songs appeared on the air “a couple of months ago”, and after the start of the special operation, the compositions of Meladze, Zemfira, Loboda, Mumiy Troll, Splin, VIA Gra were censored and others.

Well, what in return?

The experts of the Nevminkult channel had two questions about this:

“- What songs will take the vacant seats? Patriotic authors and performers, or temporarily silent minnows, in solidarity with Meladze, but afraid to admit it publicly? Because if instead of Konstantin's melodic tracks, our ears start to be watered with all sorts of hop-hey-lalalei - was it worth starting all this radio fuss.

- What still has a stronger effect: the forbidden fruit or the constant imposition? We used to say that the wretched stage was imposed on us by its uninterrupted sound on the air, and it's hard to argue with that. But what to do with the underground music of the late Soviet Union, which never sounded on the air, but was remembered by heart? One can, of course, say that she was simply more talented than the ethereal one, but this is also far from always the case: prohibition brought glory to the “masterpieces” and Willy Tokarev, and abyss of empty bards, except for prohibition, that didn’t really carry anything special.

In general, we are all for what. If you simply ban the songs of all the talented and not very talented, but do not offer talented patriots (or at least just patriots) - the people will simply turn off the Russian radio and continue to quietly listen to the forbidden: and not very talented too..."

And network analyst Vera Afanasyeva asked another question:

“If you turn on Alla Pugacheva loudly in the car and drive with open windows, will they notice for discrediting the army?

I'm not asking it for myself, a friend of mine is interested in this.

For the post “about slaves”, Pugacheva was demanded to be deprived of awards and put on trial.

The head of the federal project on security and the fight against corruption, Vitaly Borodin, wrote to the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, Igor Krasnov.

The wisest Alla Borisovna had already answered everyone in advance: “It is fortunate that people whom I could not stand hate me”.

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