The law is at rest: the Tver governor remodels a cultural heritage site into his residence

The law is at rest: the Tver governor remodels a cultural heritage site into his residence
The law is at rest: the Tver governor remodels a cultural heritage site into his residence
8 May 2020, 13:26Culture
Under the guise of the repair and restoration work, a mansion with the status of a cultural heritage site of Tver is being transformed into the residence of the governor.

Tver activist Pavel Labutin published on the page "Chronicles of the Preservation of the Cultural Heritage of the Upper Volga Region" extremely interesting information that nicely describes the customs of the local authorities:

“Yesterday, a competition was announced for the repair and restoration work at the cultural heritage site, located at the address: Tver, Andrei Dementyev St., 44.

At first glance, this is a good thing - not so often in recent years, monuments have been restored in the region, especially at the expense of the regional budget, especially for the amount of 223.4 million rubles!

In the course of familiarization with the documentation, it turns out that the house under No. 42 is going to be restored, named in the accounting documentation as “The building of the scientific library of Tver State University with fragments of public buildings” and consisting according to the resolution of the Tver Region Governor No. 268 dated October 26, 2000 as a monument of urban planning and architecture of regional significance (number in EGROKN 691711265520015).

A closer look at the design documentation reveals amazing details regarding the prospects for the use of the building after completion of work. It turns out that this will be neither a library, nor a museum, or even a house of culture, but ... a governor's “residence” with grand staircases, meeting rooms of different colors and sizes, as well as a reception room and office in pastel colors.

It should be noted that the amount allocated from the regional budget for this “restoration” (in the estimated calculation, restoration work directly makes up only 6% of the total cost of the work) is comparable to the annual financing of restoration work under the regional program “Preservation, Popularization and State Protection of Tverskaya's Cultural Heritage Oblast ”for 2018 - 2023 (approved by Decree of the Government of the Tver Region dated December 29, 2017 No. 466-pp), in accordance with which 231.8 million rubles are allocated for 2020.

And everything would be fine if it were not for one “but”, namely, the federal law dated 25.06.2020 No. 73-FZ, which in this case was completely ignored. There is nothing to coordinate the project with the cultural heritage protection authority, or acts of historical and cultural expertise!

One can only be surprised - why did the work on the construction of the governor's "house of receptions" in general be called "restoration" ...

UPD : It should be noted that the contract of April 30, 2019 for the development of the project of this “restoration” at a cost of 8.940 million rubles provided, among other things, for the coordination of project documentation with the body of protection of cultural heritage objects (conclusion of a state historical and cultural examination).

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