"Genius of reincarnation" Sergey Koltakov, who played Stalin and Yeltsin, died

"Genius of reincarnation" Sergey Koltakov, who played Stalin and Yeltsin, died
"Genius of reincarnation" Sergey Koltakov, who played Stalin and Yeltsin, died
8 September 2020, 01:05Culture
Today, at the age of 65, theater and film actor Sergei Koltakov died. The first to report this news on social networks was the actor and director Said Bagov.

Angelica Dean

Many, including the daughter of actor Veniamin Smekhov, the writer Yelena Smekhova, responded to the death of Sergey Koltakov. Sergei Mikhailovich acted in films a lot and very successfully. All partners admired his talent and performance. Literally the other day, People's Artist of Russia, Deputy Chairman of the RF STD Evgeny Steblov, in our interview with him, called Sergey Koltakov "a genius artist - a master of transformation":

- We often confuse genius with talent and talent. Mikhail Chekhov was a genius - this is how Stanislavsky and many others spoke about him. Today there are only a few geniuses. I know one actor who is close to genius - Sergey Koltakov, - explained Evgeny Steblov.

I watched the skill of Sergey Koltakov on the set of the film "The Departing Nature" in Minsk. In this mini-series, created in the film-within-a-film genre, wonderful actors were filmed: Maria Shukshina, Igor Sklyar, Alena Babenko. Literally everyone noted the incredible game, getting used to the image of Sergei Koltakov. His hero is the prototype of Ivan Pyriev himself, and the heroine Maria Shukshina is Marina Ladynina. True, the hero of Sergey Koltakov at that time was in love not with his famous wife, but with a simple woman played by Alena Babenko.

Sergey Koltakov created the image of Stalin in the TV series "Svetlana" and the image of Yeltsin in the film by Grigory Konstantinopolsky "The Drunken Company". Sergei Vasilyevich was a modest person, he never gave interviews, did not spread about his personal life, did not go to talk shows, but he was very appreciated in the acting world.

Sergey Koltakov was supposed to play one of the main roles in the unique project "Vasily and Norka", presented the other day at a pitching at the Cinema Foundation, by the classic Konstantin Khudyakov. The shooting, with the participation of Sergey Koltakov, Evgeny Tsyganov, Yulia Peresild, Yulia Snigir, was to take place in Vyborg, in the old Mon Repos park. Unfortunately, Konstantin Khudyakov will have to look for another actor for the main role.

Sergey Koltakov began his career in cinema 40 years ago with Gleb Panfilov's film "Valentina" (1980). The actor has starred in 60 films.

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