"Become a Kardashian or Buzova first!" Why is it difficult for an emerging author to publish a book

"Become a Kardashian or Buzova first!" Why is it difficult for an emerging author to publish a book
"Become a Kardashian or Buzova first!" Why is it difficult for an emerging author to publish a book
10 December 2020, 17:53Culture
Publishers all over the world are extremely reluctant to take even wonderful books by unknown writers, but they will gladly publish any rubbish written by a person whose name is heard.

The writer Natasha Kiseleva , who lives in America, decided to publish there and immediately in the English book of her memoirs about her childhood spent in Russia. However, she immediately faced almost insurmountable difficulties. It turned out that in America, in Russia, and in the whole world, publishers are not at all eager to contact authors unknown to the general public. As one of the readers of Kiseleva's post very accurately noted: "and then we wonder where Buzova got three books from..."

However, here is how Kiseleva herself wittily described the situation:

“About a year ago, I started to creep a little towards the idea of publishing (and writing) a book about my childhood, namely about 10 years - from 9 to 19 years old. I decided to publish it right away in America.

The publishing business in the United States is not organized the same way as in Russia, where each author has a literary agent and he himself communicates with publishing houses. For a percentage of the contract. Publishers do not communicate directly with authors, well, or you can send your manuscript to the info dog, where it will be perfectly buried. If the agent sees the potential of a film adaptation in your imperishable, he is even more motivated, then the percentage is higher. In general, this is your manager, and your task is one - to create new worlds, well, that is, to be a writer.

Finding a literary agent is a very difficult story, especially for a debutant like me. Usually agents themselves go out to unrecognized geniuses and make them recognized. For me, this is all very painful and scary, I am too sensitive and gentle animal (artist) who does not know how to sell himself at all.

In general, now that the book is almost ready, I again fearfully climbed into the American publishing business and the dialogue was repeated almost exactly like a year ago. A year ago, it was personal, now by zoom.

- Natasha, you write well, but books by novice authors are published extremely rarely. Now, if you were a famous singer or actress, well, or at least an Instagram blogger, then your biography would be sold out immediately.

- That is, to become a writer in America, I must first become Kim Kardashian?

- Ideally yes, but there are still options. You can write a recipe book, they sell very well.

- Great option, I just hate to cook.

- Self-care books are also selling very well. Or do you hate it too? You look well-groomed.

- Thank you, of course, but I don't want to write about creams and face massage, I want to write a novel, you know?

- I understand, this could be an erotic novel?

- No.

- Natasha, you are not helping me. You need to be more flexible, I offered you so many options, but you say no to everything.

“Okay, I'm going to try to write a porn comic about a peach and eggplant that looked after themselves so well that they died one day in Oprah Winfrey's slow cooker.

- By the way, you can manage to make a stand-up comedian career, you have evil humor and powerful charisma. Think about it, Natasha! (eng: think about it, Natasha!)

And if you think that this is my next funny post, then this is not it. This is all monstrous and pathetic. Being famous is a profession of the 21st century. More prestigious than others. More important than others. Sometimes even talent is not needed for this, I will not point a finger at anyone. It all reminds me when you are looking for a job at the age of 17 and everyone requires at least 5 years of experience from you.

Life is pain, dear Santa..."

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