"Zhenya, beautiful Zhenya..." Theater and film stars are shocked by the death of Yevgenia Brik

"Zhenya, beautiful Zhenya..." Theater and film stars are shocked by the death of Yevgenia Brik
"Zhenya, beautiful Zhenya..." Theater and film stars are shocked by the death of Yevgenia Brik
11 February, 16:49CulturePhoto: Кадр из фильма "Оптимисты"
The death of actress Yevgenia Brik, who died of a serious illness at the age of 41, shocked her friends, acquaintances and colleagues. Maria Mironova, Vera Brezhneva, Yulia Snigir, Dima Bilan, Maxim Vitorgan and other stars of Russian show business published their condolences to the family of the actress.

The death of Yevgenia Brik, who passed away at the age of 40, was reported on February 11 by journalist Katerina Gordeeva. According to Gordeeva, Yevgenia did not want anyone to know that she was sick.

"Zhenya. Handsome, strong, talented man. Smart, kind, bright. I mourn. Lord, why is this so”, - wrote actress and TV presenter Yuliya Snigir.

The news of the death of Yevgenia Brik caused a wave of grief in social networks. Brik's colleague in the film "Dandies" Maxim Matveev joined the condolences, calling the incident a "huge loss" that is "hard to believe." He dedicated words of gratitude to Yevgenia for the joint work.

"Thank you for everything!!! We will miss you…”, - he wrote.

“It’s impossible to believe… Zhenya… it shouldn’t be like this… but it happens. Incredibly wonderful person in every way. See you!" - wrote the star of "Daddy's Daughters" Daria Melnikova on her Instagram page.

“Zhenya, beautiful Zhenya ... it’s impossible to say anything ... how they stunned ... On February 10, Zhenya Brik died. Bright memory. Condolences to the family…”, — quotes the publication “ Vokrug TV ” the words of director and TV presenter Maxim Vitorgan.

The musician Dima Bilan conveyed his condolences to the family of Yevgenia, in the video of which “Don't be silent”, the actress starred.

“Sincere condolences to family and friends! Thank you, Yevgeniya, for your kindness! The kingdoms of the heavenly better world in heaven!”, — wrote the musician.

Kind words addressed to Yevgeniya were written by actress Maria Mironova, who called her her "younger sister", singer Vera Brezhneva and many other famous people.

Evgenia Brik (Khirovskaya) was born in 1981 in Moscow.

She took the surname Brik in honor of her paternal grandmother. In 2004 she graduated from the Russian Academy of Theater Arts (GITIS, workshop of Alexander Zbruyev).

Yevgenia Brik worked at radio "Mayak" as a host of a nightly program. Since the beginning of the 2000s, she has acted in films in the films Turkish March, Kamenskaya, Vise, S.S.D., Thaw, Yolki 1914, Optimists, Garden Ring. She was remembered by the audience in the role of the Komsomol member Katya in "Stilyagi", the German language teacher Kira in the film "The Geographer Drank His Globe Away".

Yevgenia Brik in 2006 married the director, screenwriter and producer Valery Todorovsky, with whom the ball is happily married. Three years after the wedding, the couple had a daughter, Zoya. The girl showed acting talent early. Already at a young age, she was invited to shoot in Hollywood. In 2016, nine-year-old Zoya received one of the key roles in the American serial OA.

Friends and work colleagues who knew Yevgenia noted that she was a very bright and kind person. They confessed that they would miss her very much.

“Condolences and great commiseration. And wishing strength. Because now it will be necessary to learn to live without Zhenya. Blessed memory”, - wrote Katerina Gordeyeva.

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