"Strong instead of the Clever!" A new episode of "Masyanya" cartoon has appeared on the web

"Strong instead of the Clever!" A new episode of "Masyanya" cartoon has appeared on the web
15 March , 19:18Culture
Another episode of the legendary cartoon is dedicated to the nearest future of Russia.

A new, 152nd episode of the cult-favourite cartoon "Masyanya" has appeared on the Web. Its plot is inspired by recent protests, and although the creator of the cartoon, artist Oleg Kuvayev writes in the annotation:

“It's like a dystopia. With some parameters. Of course, it has nothing to do with reality. The world is shrinking and becoming cramped. In cramped conditions - it is always offended. And there is always someone aiming at your temple. Sometimes it’s you yourself...”, in fact, this is an absolutely reliable reality that awaits Russia in the near future. A kind of apotheosis, which will come tomorrow, when every citizen of the country will be watched by a special security officer assigned to him, and another security official will follow that security official, and so on.

No wonder in just two days, the cartoon has already spreaded out to quotations:

- We have strong men, so the clever are not needed;

- And what was the order? Not to be human?

- Ass - it itches off the schedule;

- Well, we've seen everything... here...

"Such a topical Masyanya, very powerful, look ..." - journalist Kirill Shulika recommends to his readers.

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