A huge blunder: the TV series "Zuleikha" insulted the Tatarian Muftis and theologians

A huge blunder: the TV series "Zuleikha" insulted the Tatarian Muftis and theologians
A huge blunder: the TV series "Zuleikha" insulted the Tatarian Muftis and theologians
18 April 2020, 16:50Culture
In one of the scenes of this series, the character reads a list of prisoners, which consists entirely of the names and surnames of Tatar clerics.

In Russia, as you know, cooks have been ruling the state for more than 100 years. And still have not learned how to do this, at any of the levels. Even on something as simple as producing films. This can be seen once again on the example of the series "Zuleikha opens her eyes." True, here instead of the cooks we see the propmakers who worked on the set of the film...

A phenomenal situation has developed around the adaptation of this novel written by Guzel Yakhina. A day after the start of the show, the Russian Communists demanded the removal from the screen, since the film, in their opinion, defamed the Soviet regime and distorted the life of the Tatar people. And then the novel and the series were accused of Russophobia. Director Yegor Anashkin was forced to make excuses, saying that this is not an anti-Soviet movie, no one makes a judgment in it, so he does not deserve negative reviews.

“Understand what a story it is. It seems to me that they [critics] by their own actions just incite hatred in people. We have a story about how a person should forgive. About the main heroine, a slaughtered Tatar woman who, not only has she forgiven, but also loved her enemy, who killed her husband and completely destroyed her life. "

The writer Zakhar Prilepin also intervened in the matter, who stated that the novel is good, multi-layered, but the series is not very:

The authors of this film are getting what they deserve now. A huge number of people in Russia are tired of the banal straightforward anti-Sovietism, which is rightly perceived as Russophobia . ”

The performer of the title role Chulpan Khamatova, who accused the critics of the series of ignorance and historical illiteracy, did not stand aside.

Conspiracy theological versions of what is happening on the network have also appeared. So, one of the bloggers writes:

“For those who don’t know, the novel“ Zuleikha ”was written by a white-emigre Tatar writer Gayaz Iskhaki and published in Turkey, and these days, 100 years after the publication of the original, Guzel Yakhina stole the story and reworked it a bit by adding Western a la“ Survivor ” and a lot of eroticism. What naturally could not fail to say on the reputation of the novel among Muslims as base, although the novel is specifically addressed to this audience .. There have already been attempts to film it and are quite good. In particular, directed by R. Tukhvatullin. But what caused respect, among the Tatar intelligentsia, the novel caused a sharp negative rejection, very many Tatar good artists flatly refused to shoot this booth ... "

And because he looked into the water, because the scandal received a new, and much more serious continuation, as journalist Daria Mitina wrote on her blog:

“Meticulous and disdainful spectators, of those who had the strength not to quit watching after the first series, drew attention to the enchanting episode of the roll call of the exiles, which the bloody Chekists conduct before sending the unfortunate arrested Tatars to be eaten alive by bloody Stalin. A heavy-faced people’s commissar shouts out the surname-name of the convict, and the convicts dutifully answered from the crowd "Me!" In the movie, it sounds like this:

- Tajuddin Talgat! - Me! (for those who do not know, Talgat Tajuddin - Supreme Mufti of the Russian Federation)

- Gainutdin Ravil! - Me! (Ravil Gainutdin - chairman of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Russian Federation).

- Marjani Shigabutdin! - Me! (Shigabutdin Marjani - the largest Tatar theologian of the 19th century, mukhtasib of Kazan, imam of the first Kazan mosque)

- Idrisov Umar! - Me! (Umar Idrisov - the first chairman of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Nizhny Novgorod region)

- Ponchaev Zhafyar! - Me! (Zhafar Ponchaev - former chairman of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of St. Petersburg)

- Gabdrakhimov to the Gabdessaly! - Me! (Gabdessalyam Gabdrakhimov - a prominent Orenburg mufti of the 19th century)

- Sultanov Muhamedyar! - Me! (Muhamedyar Sultanov is also a prominent Orenburg mufti of the 19th century)

The Russian muftiate, who had become an involuntary ally of the Communists, could not endure such blasphemy. Mufti member Albir Krganov, a member of the Public Chamber, sent indignant letters to the Government and Dobrodeev, asking for the explanations.

The crap producer went on to say that "the props (!!!!!) to create this scene simply searched for the popular Tatar names"

They have the props who write the scripts, and you are surprised!

In general, the shame was really huge... "

Whether the props did this with some anti-Islamic intentions or they just wanted to joke wittily - most likely we won't know the truth, but the fact remains the fact. And Lenin was dreaming that the cooks could rule the state!

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