"There will be no others for us": a film about Sergey Bodrov Jr. became the film of "Kinotavr" festival opening

"There will be no others for us": a film about Sergey Bodrov Jr. became the film of "Kinotavr" festival opening

"There will be no others for us": a film about Sergey Bodrov Jr. became the film of "Kinotavr" festival opening

21 September, 10:57
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Nineteen years ago, on September 20, 2002, a glacier came down in the Karmadon Gorge; the tragedy claimed the lives of at least 125 people, including members of the film crew of the film "The Messenger" by Sergey Bodrov Jr. He would have turned 50 this December.

At the beginning of October, a documentary film directed by Pyotr Shepotinnik "We will not be others" about Bodrov Jr. will be released in limited release. The film premiered after the opening ceremony of the 32nd Kinotavr Film Festival in Sochi.

“Just like Sergey Selyanov, whom you congratulate on this wonderful prize (note Sergei Selyanov received the prize“ for a unique producer's flair and support for Russian talents ”), which he more than deserves, I know the audience very well. Therefore, to be honest, I feel nothing but a colossal, absolutely incredible responsibility to this hall. I am very grateful to everyone. I am very grateful to Alexander Rodnyansky and Sitora Aliyeva for the fact that this picture appeared here. It was an absolute surprise for us. We did not expect at all that our modest project would receive such huge support from Kinotavr, which we love very much”, - said Pyotr Shepotinnik, stepping on the stage of the Winter Theater together with creative producer Asya Kolodizhner , assistant director Mikhail Kukin, cameraman Ilya Kopylov, composer Vyacheslav Butusov and film participant Dmitry Shibnev, administrator of the film crew of the film "Messenger" by Bodrov Jr.

Пётр Шепотинник.

After that, the director thanked his colleagues, everyone who, with great love, helped him to work on the film "We Will Not Be Any Other". Separate words of gratitude were received by the studio "CineLab", which "helped to bring the picture to the modern technological level" and the producers of the picture - Valery Fedorovich and Yevgeny Nikishov.

“I just wanted this picture to be created based on the conversations of close people about people close to us. If contact with the audience takes place, it will be the greatest praise for us!”, - Shepotinnik said.

Вячеслав Бутусов.

In the film, Sergei Bodrov Jr. is told by his close friends and associates, including producer Sergey Selyanov, composer Vyacheslav Butusov, artist Nadezhda Vasilieva, cameraman Sergey Astakhov. The film also contains fragments of conversations with Sergei Bodrov Jr. and director Alexey Balabanov, whose films "Brother" and "Brother 2" received national fame at the turn of the 2000s.

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