"Good boy!" What was the fate of the young hero of the famous film the Diamond Arm

"Good boy!" What was the fate of the young hero of the famous film the Diamond Arm
"Good boy!" What was the fate of the young hero of the famous film the Diamond Arm
24 September 2020, 16:05Culture
Unlike many of his peers who starred in films, Dmitry Nikolayev did not get lost and made an excellent directorial career.

The fate of the boy who played one of the characters in Leonid Gaidai's film "The Diamond Hand" is described on the Picturehistory page.

This same "good boy" (so ironically called him the hero of Andrey Mironov) from the family of the main character of the picture Semyon Gorbunkov. He was played by an 8-year-old actor, Muscovite Dmitry Nikolayev, who was born in 1960, and therefore this year - celebrating his 60th birthday with his wife and three children...

Unlike many children and adolescents who were lucky enough to act in films, but then do not make a film career for themselves, everything went well for Dima. The Diamond Arm became his second film, at the age of six he flashed in the film Wings by another outstanding director Larisa Shepitko, and then in the leading role in the fairy tale film Step from the Roof, where he starred with many Soviet movie stars. As a young man, Dima played a supporting role in the Draw Game, and played well. In general, on the screen, he was always organic and natural.

"Шаг с крыши", 1970г.
"Розыгрыш", 1976г.

However, he did not become an actor, Nikolayev became a director, graduating from the directing department of GITIS (The Russian University of Theatre Arts) and having completed an internship with the famous Soviet theater director Leonid Kheifets. Since 1983, he began working as a production director in theaters in Moscow and other cities of the country.

In 1993-2001, he worked on television and radio shows, and not only in Russia, but also in a dozen European countries. He directed children's programs on Russian TV, represented our country in international projects. Laureate of two dozen international awards and prizes. Today Dmitry Nikolayev teaches at directing courses.

In a word, the "good boy" from the classic Soviet comedy film has completely succeeded!

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