Immortal quotes of Leonid Kuravlyov's movie characters that became memes

Immortal quotes of Leonid Kuravlyov's movie characters that became memes
Immortal quotes of Leonid Kuravlyov's movie characters that became memes
31 January, 11:01Culture
Today it became known about the death of the People's Artist of the RSFSR Leonid Kuravlyov. He entered the hospital in Kommunarka in mid-January. The 85-year-old actor was diagnosed with pneumonia. Covid tests were negative. On January 21, Kuravlyov was transferred to a hospice, where he was given a palliative status.

It's worth reminding that Kuravlyov's childhood was difficult - in 1941, on a denunciation, his mother was sent into exile in the Arctic, the future artist grew up on the Kola Peninsula - and nothing foreshadowed that he would become a famous actor, and the phrases of his movie heroes would become truly immortal, they will be quoted by more than one generation of viewers.

"In general, I played three thieves - Georges Miloslavsky, Shura Balaganov in "The Golden Calf" by Schweitzer, Smoked in the film "The meeting place cannot be changed." Three thieves - and the viewer loves them all, I don’t understand why", - Kuravlyov admitted.

One of the most famous phrases of Kuravyov''s movie heroes was the words of these characters.

Georges Miloslavsky. "Ivan Vasilyevich is changing his profession"

“I am an artist of large and small academic theaters, and my last name... my last name is too famous for me to call it!”

“Citizens, keep your money in the savings bank! Unless, of course, you have them..."

“There is no need to hurry! I can always sit down!"

Shura Balaganov. "Golden calf"

“I didn’t do it on purpose, I did it automatically! Here is your cross!

“I recognize brother Kolya!”

“But what about Rio de Janeiro? I want white pants too!”

Kopchyony. "The Meeting place can not be Changed"

“Take it! On the! Eat! Here they are, hard earned. Come on, here they are, take it, come on!”

“You should take off your jacket, citizen boss!”

“So it’s only boys who play for shelobans, and real players play for fun”

Perhaps one of the main roles was for Kuravlyov the role of plumber Afanasy Borshchyov in Athos. The actor persuaded director George Danelia to change the ending of the picture: according to the original script, the heroine of Evgenia Simonova was supposed to die.

Afanasy Borshyov. "Afonya"

“The absence of complaints from the population is the best reward for our work”.

“What, you never eat lunch? Camel, right?"

“The Thank you" phrase, father, you won’t spread on the bread”.

The audience literally “pulled away” the third short story of the film “It Can’t Be!” into quotes. - "wedding incident", where Kuravlyov played the groom.

Volodya Zavitushkin. "It Can not be!"

“Remove the psychic, otherwise I’ll stop marrying!”

“Mommy is not good at all. I don’t understand why they keep her among the healthy, don’t they warn her? She can poke someone at the table with a fork!

“Now they’ll slip some shit in – and live with it!”

The audience also remembered other phrases of Kuravlyov's film heroes.

Misha Dyatlov. "The most charming and attractive"

“The most backward sections of the population have already put on jeans.”

“What kind of discrimination? Families just need a break from the family.”

“Yes, I do everything for love. Hence all my troubles".

Inspector Grandin. "Search a woman"

“For the cooked crayfish, the worst is over…”

“How beautiful you are when you are silent!”

By the way, Kuravlyov said that in "17 Moments of Spring" he was supposed to play Adolf Hitler.

- The role of Hitler was prepared for me. I was stunned! I played so many of my simpletons, and then the spawn of hell - Hitler, - the actor recalled in one of his last interviews.

Kuravlyov stopped acting after the death of his wife, Nina Kuravlyova, with whom he lived for more than half a century. He will be buried at the Troekurovsky cemetery, next to her grave. He ordered in advance that his name should also be engraved on her tombstone.

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