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14 May
Monument war: in Poland they want to establish an anti-Russian monument
The Polish sculptor created a monument glorifying the conquerors of territories that belong to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania.
Quarantine masterpieces: St. Petersburg artists have created a virtual series of street art
These works of street art do not exist in reality, but in the virtual space of Google maps.
8 May
They were afraid of the truth: In England the footage shot by Hitchcock in the concentration camps was concealed during 70 years
Only in 2015, the documentary film “Night Will Come”, edited from the frames of English, American and Soviet cameramen, was released.
The law is at rest: the Tver governor remodels a cultural heritage site into his residence
Under the guise of the repair and restoration work, a mansion with the status of a cultural heritage site of Tver is being transformed into the...
From the dissidents to the presidents: a book about Vaclav Havel has been published
The creator of "Prague Spring" with his whole life denied the philistine notion of what the highest authority should be.
6 May
Mission is possible: Tom Cruise will fly into space to shoot his next film
NASA announced its joint project with a Hollywood star on the board of the ISS.
30 April
California is ours! A new book about the adventures of Russians in America is released
The author of the historical detective described the events of the famous gold rush in the middle of the 19th century in America.