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The Ministry of Economy announced a decline in GDP in April by 12%
In April, the Russian economy collapsed by 12% in annual terms. Retail sales fell by almost a quarter, and consumer services - by more than a third.
27 May
New assistance to the population was not included into the 8 trillion rubles plan for economic recovery
The plan for economic recovery prepared by the authorities, which includes 8 trillion rubles, does not include new assistance to citizens, as well...
25 May
The end of megamalls: shopping centers are already on sell on Avito
The chances that they will resume their work after the pandemic are few, as Russian incomes continue to fall.
Ombudsman: 10 thousand businessmen faced the unlawful prosecution
Since the beginning of the year over 10 thousand entrepreneurs have complained to the business ombudsman about the unfair criminal prosecution.
Analysts informed about the risk of the negative gas prices in Europe
Short-term European gas prices were predicted to be negative. As in the recent oil situation, there is a likely scenario in which sellers begin to...
24 May
The world's richest people enriched another quarter trillion dollars during a pandemic
Billionaires in the top 25 richest people in the world according to Forbes earned a total of $ 255 billion in two months of the coronavirus...
22 May
Six salaries - and get out: car factories lashed out on the "self-dismissal" of the workers
Russian car factories are actively cutting jobs. People are invited to write statements "by the agreement of the parties", and they allow it. It...