Car dealers will raise car prices from April

Car dealers will raise car prices from April
Car dealers will raise car prices from April
1 April 2021, 18:41EconomyPhoto:
The cost of cars in Russia from April 1 will significantly increase. Car dealerships warn that the increase will affect both premium and base models.

A rise in auto prices in April should be expected by buyers of most car brands. According to the Autonews portal, representatives of Avtodom and Avilon dealerships reported that prices for Volvo cars, depending on the model, will rise by 50-150 thousand rubles.

"Retail prices will also increase Land Rover (by 3-5%) and Volkswagen (by 50-60 thousand rubles)", - reports the Dozhd TV channel.

BMW prices will rise by about 3.8%, Mercedes-Benz V-class minivans will rise in price by 6%. In addition, all Renault models will rise in price by 3-4%.

It is noted that prices for BMW in 2021 have already increased twice, the April rise in prices since January will be the third in a row.

Manufacturers explain the sharp rise in prices by the global shortage of semiconductors that has arisen in the world market, from fluctuations in the exchange rate of the ruble and the euro, as well as by an increase in the utilization fee for cars in Russia.

In February of this year, a shortage of semiconductors forced General Motors to mothball three plants in North America. Another American auto giant, Ford, is gearing up for a 20 percent cut in production in the near future. The chip shortage is expected to reduce car sales by $ 61 billion.

Car dealers report that a shortage of flagship models has arisen due to a disruption in the supply of cars, for which demand has increased. But consumers of cheaper basic models were scared off by the sharp rise in car prices: following the rise in the cost of cars, demand for them began to decline.

The closure of the Family Car state program on February 15, which gave families with minor children the right to a 10% discount when purchasing a new car, also played an important role in the drop in demand for budget models worth up to one and a half million rubles. Experts warned that the suspension of the program would lead to a collapse in sales of new cars, and these predictions are beginning to come true.

At the same time, the secondary auto market has become more active in Russia. Unable to purchase new models that were rapidly becoming more expensive, buyers turned their eyes to used cars. In conditions of high demand, their prices also went up. Compared to February, prices for some used cars displayed on free classifieds sites increased by 100 thousand rubles or more.

Simultaneously with cars, bicycles have risen significantly in Russia since April. Prices for some models have increased up to 35%.

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