No fuel - no harvest: Ukraine has lost supplies of diesel fuel from Russia

No fuel - no harvest: Ukraine has lost supplies of diesel fuel from Russia
1 April , 16:42Economy
The political struggle has led to the fact that before the start of agricultural work, the country will miss more than 20% of diesel and gas fuel.

Ukrainian media report that in April the country will not be able to receive oil products from Rosneft, which accounts for more than 20% of all diesel fuel and motor gas in Ukraine. Moreover, it is not known if deliveries will resume in May.

The Swiss trader, Proton Energy Group SA, which supplies fuel to Rosneft, explained this by the actions of the Ukrainian authorities themselves. The fact is that back in February of this year, Zelensky instructed to check the legality of the transfer into operation of part of the Samara - Western direction and Grozny - Armavir - Trudovaya oil pipelines, which pass through Ukraine, which belong to structures associated with the pro-Kremlin opposition politician Medvedchuk. Moreover, the Supreme Anti-Corruption Court of Ukraine seized the facilities and began transferring them under the control of the state-owned Ukrtransnafta.

This prompted Rosneft to find a new trader, Coral Energy, but it will sell oil products to Ukraine with a double mark-up. At the same time, if the price for diesel fuel remains almost the same, then the price for liquefied gas will double - up to $ 31 per ton.

Ukrainian experts are confident that the country will have to urgently find alternative sources of imports. Moreover, two Belarusian oil refineries that supply oil products to Ukraine are temporarily suspending their work.

In the conditions when agricultural work begins in the country, the situation with fuel becomes especially difficult.

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