Figure of the day: Russia owes China $ 125 billion

Figure of the day: Russia owes China $ 125 billion
Figure of the day: Russia owes China $ 125 billion
1 October 2021, 10:31EconomyPhoto: Фото RT
Russian oil and gas companies borrowed this amount against future oil and gas supplies.

As you know, China is pursuing an aggressive foreign economic policy around the world, generously lending money to developing countries on the security of minerals and other resources. Russia was also on this list, which, according to the report of the AidData research laboratory on the PRC's program for financing projects abroad, found out that we owe China 125 billion dollars.

From 2000 to 2017, this money was raised by state oil and gas companies for future supplies of hydrocarbons.

The top five debtor countries of China, along with the leading Russia there, included Venezuela ($ 85.54 billion), Angola ($ 40.65 billion), Brazil ($ 39.08 billion) and Kazakhstan ($ 39.01 billion). In total, in the world, the amount of "hidden" debts of different countries to China is $ 385 billion.

However, according to economist Dmitry Prokofiev , “this is by the standards of the country's masters, not mega-money. An amount of the same order is taken out of the country by the chiefs every year. But the story is characteristic. Against the background of all the conversations - "we have returned everything to everyone", "we owe nothing", "we will not give our resources". These are already Chinese resources, China paid for them in advance..."

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