Experts predicted an even greater rise in the price of cars

Experts predicted an even greater rise in the price of cars
Experts predicted an even greater rise in the price of cars
3 June, 13:28Economy
In the last month alone, retail prices for cars in Russia have grown by an average of 2.2%. In the premium segment - by 3%, while the mass market added 2%. Analysts indicate that the trend will continue.

According to Kommersant, referring to Avtostat, price lists in May were updated for 29 car brands. Among budget brands, the rise in price fell on the Lada lineup (1.3-3.1% - that is, by 9-30 thousand rubles), Renault (by 0.8-3.7%, or 14-35 thousand rubles) and Kia (by 0.8-4.3%, or 10-100 thousand rubles). The price of cars of these brands has been growing for two months in a row, and for AvtoVAZ this is the third price increase in a year. Skoda Rapid has risen in price among the mass market stronger than others - by 47-65 thousand rubles.

In the premium segment, prices increased for Audi (0.9-5.6% or 30-515 thousand rubles), one Infiniti model (3.1-3.3% or 200 thousand rubles), Jaguar (two models for 1, 9-4.7% or 150-300 thousand rubles), as well as the entire model range of Land Rover, "Avtostat" calculated. The price of the Mercedes-Benz AMG GLE 63 S 4MATIC + crossover has grown by half a million at once.

According to Andrey Terlyukovich, General Director of "Autospeczentr", during the last half of the year, cars have risen in price each time by 0.5-1.5%. Marketing Director of Avilon AG Andrey Kamensky predicted that the rise in prices will continue in June.

We've to remind you that in early spring, the rise in prices affected two dozen car brands. Then the leader in price growth was the French Peugeot 408, for which buyers had to pay a hundred thousand more. Simultaneously with the rise in prices for cars , the average size of a loan for their purchase also increased. So, at the beginning of 2021, compared with January 2021, it was 7.6%.

It's worth to note that earlier the Russians managed to collect record amounts of car loan debts. The peak was in the coronavirus pandemic. Also marked by an economic crisis. At this time, many citizens reduced their incomes or even lost their earnings, which led to the inability to pay off credit debts.

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