Discussing everything except the economy: experts make fun of the St. Petersburg Forum

Discussing everything except the economy: experts make fun of the St. Petersburg Forum
Discussing everything except the economy: experts make fun of the St. Petersburg Forum
4 June, 17:33Economy
Network analysts are perplexed: why this event is called "economic", if practically nothing economic is left in it for a long time.

The work of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum continues. The experts list its main events on their blogs. Here are just some of them, as we can see, rather strange:

  • A "white internet" for schoolchildren is being created in Russia. “They also have social networks, messengers, but they have verified content. We are not following the path of a ban - we are following the path of the opportunities provided by the digital educational environment, ”said Minister of Education Sergei Kravtsov.
  • VTB and Rosturizm will jointly support investment projects for the construction and reconstruction of hotels in Russia. Thanks to this measure, Rosturizm plans to support at least 20 thousand new modern hotel rooms by 2024.
  • Presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov said that a new resort complex worth 14 billion rubles will soon appear in Crimea.
  • In the fall, Gazprom-Media will launch a new vertical video platform, the functionality of which will exceed the capabilities of TikTok and Likee.
  • Tinkoff launched the Oleg telephone assistant for all Russian subscribers. The main skill of the assistant is to receive, record and decrypt incoming calls, including from unknown numbers.
  • Sber has shown his unmanned electric vehicle "FLIP". The vehicle is based on a proprietary platform driven by an electric motor and powered by a removable battery module.


All this allowed analysts to draw the conclusion that was best formulated by the journalist Vasily Alenin :

“The St. Petersburg Economic Forum is no longer about the economy. And not about politics. And so, a set of meaningless social and business events. With a wide range of VIPs and VIP nonsense. Here is the speaker of the Federation Council, Honored Komsomol member of the republic Valentina Matvienko gave a master class to the participants of the All-Russian competition "Big Change", telling about the secrets of success in politics.

“Politics is kindness, compassion, mercy. This ability to smile is not necessarily an American smile, but ours, domestic, pleasant and beautiful. "

So we expect a pleasant smile from the authorities, but we see only the frightening "dragon teeth" ... "

Experts of the channel "Something like this" called the Forum "A feast in time of plague" and explained their position:

The “feast in time of plague” in the image of SPIEF continues, revealing more and more unpleasant details: in fact, the forum has already slipped into a discussion of the overconsumption of elites, and not “key economic issues facing Russia,” as indicated on the forum website. In the expert and user communities, a position began to prevail, implying that there was zero sense from this forum for the Russian economy. An illustrative example is that one of the main subjects of discussion on the topic of the forum is food, and not the proposals of the speakers.

This year's forum is a collective image of Russian capitalism: “criminal, proud and infinitely vulgar”. Most of the major world players that have appeared at the SPIEF are present only in the online format, which indicates the internal attitude of the participants to the “international” event, in which most of the participating companies are represented by the public sector.

Many observers note that the tribunes of the forum have become sources of insignificant demagoguery, and, which causes considerable bewilderment, is that the conductors of empty announcements turned out to be: the head of the Central Bank Nabiullina, declaring a soft monetary policy, Minister of Finance Siluanov, violating the chain of command and promoting the topic zeroing dollar assets in the NWF, the head of the Ministry of Labor Kotyakov, who still has not figured out the status of the self-employed and proposes the introduction of a new form of employment, and the oligarch Deripaska, paradoxically assuring about the next 10 years of stability, which will be marked by the absence of a political alternative and the deterioration of the welfare of Russians.

The ex-“nano” finance minister Chubais distinguished himself separately, as well as the technological revolution, which will be “comparable to the industrial-industrial revolution in England in the 18th century,” which subtly and truly revolutionary brought the speech to discuss formation issues and change the political form of government. SPIEF did not ignore the topic of freedom of speech and the status of foreign media agents, in which Zakharova, Director of the Information and Press Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, and Venediktov, editor-in-chief of Echo of Moscow, took part. In her speech, Zakharova inadvertently entered the field of double standards: according to Roskomnadzor, RT, TASS and Interfax are also foreign agents, but they exist quietly, and the state does not exert pressure, does not intimidate advertisers and does not require a humiliating plate on the creation of materials by foreign agents. It is possible that the whipping up of contradictions and absurdity is needed to create a contrast before Putin's speech, whose announcement of the next victory plan will "crown" the event with the triumph of reason ... "

This forum reminded the publicist Marina Shapovalova of Soviet times:

“They say about the prospects of the economy and the investment climate - as real! That's really serious, you can't tell. I remember the 70s for comparison - no, then they lied somehow sluggishly, without enthusiasm. Unless, young weavers, completely intellectually virgin and for the first time admitted by the authorities to the special distributors, could babble something stereotyped with an enthusiastic gleam in their eyes. And then another. But there is something that excites them without special distributors ... "

Shapovalova is echoed by Anton Khusainov :

I also remember the seventies and eighties from time to time. They also lied recklessly, but somehow shyly, without a spark. Sluggishly, one might say, they lied. "Well, we, Komsomol members, kind of swear ..." (a true phrase from a speech I don't remember at a Komsomol conference). And here ... Chest forward, eyes blaze seriously, speech like a fountain, do not shut up! Are they frightened by something? Or are they chopped off? Or do they stop the centers that cause embarrassment (like local anesthesia)? "

Journalist Kirill Shulika is also perplexed: what does this event have to do with the serious economy:

“For some reason at SPIEF everyone is confused by Danya Milokhin, probably some kind of tiktoker, I have no idea who he is. But at the economic forum, the stands of the General Prosecutor's Office and obscurantists from "Constantinople", who showed the participant Dugin's face, do not bother them. Petersburg forum, even for one cursory viewing - feast for the eyes! "

And experts of the Telegram channel Politeconomics wittily compared the Forum with a popular cartoon:

“The idea of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum was unambiguously borrowed from the American animated series Futurama, where the robot Bender Rodriguez says:“ Nothing, I’ll build my own amusement park, with blackjack and whores. Although I don't need this park!"

How else to explain these tiktokers and escort girls on the forum?"

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