The banks have run out of limits on the rural mortgage program at 3%

The banks have run out of limits on the rural mortgage program at 3%
The banks have run out of limits on the rural mortgage program at 3%
6 April 2021, 11:38Economy
The largest Russian banks have stopped issuing preferential mortgages at 3% per annum for the purchase of housing in the village. The banks ran out of funds under this program.

In particular, the issuance of such loans at the Rosselkhozbank was suspended, writes Kommersant. The borrower, who was unable to take out a loan from this bank, announced this to the publication. On March 29, she was preliminarily approved, and in April they announced that the money for this program had run out.

A similar situation is developing in Sberbank. The credit institution's website notes that applications for rural mortgages are no longer accepted, since the limit for issuing loans under this program has been exhausted.

Rosselkhozbank confirmed that lending has been suspended, since the subsidies allocated from the federal budget have already ended. If additional funding is allocated for the program, then it will be resumed, a bank representative added. The bank has already sent a corresponding request to expand the program to the government.

The Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation also confirmed that the limits for the program in a number of banks have indeed already been exhausted due to the high demand for them. This year, 5.3 billion rubles were allocated for servicing previously issued loans and issuing new ones, including 1.2 billion from the reserve fund. The department noted that they are now working to increase funding, since the program is in demand, but they have not yet named the exact dates.

It's worth reminding that under the rural mortgage program, you can buy a land plot, a house with a land plot or an apartment in a low-rise building at a rate of 0.1% to 3% per annum, depending on the conditions of the bank. Loans are issued for the purchase of housing in areas with a population of less than 30 thousand people. The Moscow region does not participate in the program. The maximum loan amount for buying a home in the Leningrad Region, the Far East and the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District is up to five million rubles. In other regions - up to three million. 11 Russian banks are participating in the program.

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