The number of citizens' bankruptcies has increased by half

The number of citizens' bankruptcies has increased by half
The number of citizens' bankruptcies has increased by half
7 July 2020, 09:54EconomyPhoto:
During the first half of 2020 the number of bankruptcies of companies decreased by 26% - to 4.5 thousand legal entities against 6.1 thousand in the same period last year. A different trend is observed in cases of personal bankruptcy.

Since January, the number of citizens declared bankrupt has increased to 42.73 thousand people.

This exceeds the indicator of the first half of 2019 by 47.2%.

The most noticeable decrease in the number of corporate bankruptcies was manifested in the second quarter of 2020. During this period, 39.8% went bankrupt - up to 1.89 thousand legal entities. In the first quarter, the decrease was less significant - by 11.2% , to 2.61 thousand.

At the same time, according to the results of the first quarter, the number of bankruptcies of citizens soared by 68% - up to 22.36 thousand people - compared with the same period of 2019. An increase was also observed in the second quarter, then by 29.6% - up to 23.36 thousand people.

Analysts from Fedresurs, referred to by Kommersant as the study, note that these numbers are related to the coronavirus pandemic and the self-isolation regime announced against it. It led to a limitation of the work of the judiciary, and therefore, from March 19 to May 11, the courts seldom considered bankruptcy cases of companies.

“Already at the end of the second quarter, having returned to the standard operating mode, the courts partially compensated for the shortfall of decisions in the previous months”, - explained Alexey Yukhnin, head of Federsurs.

Moreover, even now part of the bankruptcies has been postponed due to the moratorium in force in respect of over two million legal entities and entrepreneurs. Only 400 companies and 50 entrepreneurs refused bankruptcy.

According to statistics, in the first half of the year most often bankruptcy was initiated by creditors. In second place is the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation. On the third - debtors. Least of all insolvency workers say companies. In the case of bankruptcies of individuals, the initiators in the vast majority of cases are themselves.

As before, Moscow is in first place in terms of the number of bankrupt legal entities. During this period, 852 insolvency proceedings were initiated. In the suburbs, 309 companies were declared bankrupt. Then follows the Sverdlovsk region - 152 and Tatarstan - 141.

Not a single bankruptcy has been registered in Chukotka, in the Chita Region, Tuva and the Nenets Autonomous Okrug.

Note that the pandemic significantly affected small and medium-sized businesses. Only in St. Petersburg this half will stop their work or half of the SME representatives will get bogged down in debt. Bankruptcies, however, will also affect banks that give out business loans to businessmen.

The capital earlier adopted the Open Declaration on the Prevention of Bankruptcy of a Business. The document is aimed at preserving jobs and reducing social tension, continuing tax revenues and increasing the competitiveness and investment attractiveness of the region.

Let us recall that from the beginning of March to the beginning of June, 112 food and non-food stores, as well as catering establishments, stopped working on Arbat, Tverskaya, Nikolskaya and other key shopping streets in Moscow.

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