New housing in Moscow has risen in price by 35% over the year

New housing in Moscow has risen in price by 35% over the year
New housing in Moscow has risen in price by 35% over the year
7 October, 12:14EconomyPhoto: Строительный архив
The price per square meter in the capital's new buildings of the mass segment increased by 4.5% in the quarter and 35% in the year.

As follows from the report of the company "Metrium", the volume of supply increased by 33%.

“The average price per square meter has grown and amounted to 256,490 rubles. (+ 2.8% for the month; + 4.5% quarter, + 35% for 12 months)", - Interfax quotes the data of the report.

In total, in the third quarter of 2021, 88 "mass" projects were built in the capital, including 15,275 apartments. The developers managed to expand the offer due to the introduction of four new projects and the start of sales of new buildings in the complexes previously put up for sale.

Among the reasons for the significant rise in price per square meter, developers name the planned indexation of prices against the background of inflationary expectations, as well as an increase in the share of mini-apartments in new buildings. As a rule, during the construction of compact housing, the cost of living space in it turns out to be higher than in a more spacious one.

Today 35.9% of apartments on the market are “one-bedroom apartments”, 19.2% are studios, 29.9% are two-room and 14% are three-room apartments. The supply of multi-room apartments is minimal. It accounts for only 0.9% of the market. The average cost of one lot in new buildings in the capital is 12.85 million rubles. At the same time, the average area of apartments decreased by 1.8 square meters in three months - to 50.1 square meters. m.

Earlier it became known that apartments with an area of less than ten square meters appeared on the real estate market in Moscow. Experts attribute this to the arrival of a large number of investors and non-family clients on the market. Such apartments have appeared in a multifunctional complex in the Veshnyaki district in the east of Moscow. Realtors indicate that the complex of four buildings will include mainly studios with an average area of 16.7 sq. m, but the smallest and not - only 9 sq. meters.

The apartments have not yet been put up for sale, while one of the most compact studios (12 sq. m.) Currently on sale costs 3.2 million rubles. Experts point out that the appearance of such areas on the Moscow apartment market looks natural against the background of a steady decrease in the average area of apartments, which has been observed since 2014. In such conditions, developers have to reduce footage in order to make housing more affordable. Also, some experts note that more and more non-family clients are coming to the real estate market.

The average cost of a "budget" studio in new buildings in Moscow has reached 7.6 million rubles, "one-room" - 10.8 million, "two-room" - 15.1 million, "three-ruble" - 19.7 million, large multi-room apartments are estimated on average at 27 million rubles. It is curious that only 5.1% of apartments are bought in houses that have already been commissioned. About 80% of "mass" housing is sold ready-made with finishing, according to the "bring in furniture - and live" type. Everything else in this segment diverges at the stage of installation and finishing.

Experts expect that the Central Bank rate hike and the subsequent increase in mortgage interest rates will cool home sales.

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