Kuzbass activist and entrepreneur asks for protection from the raider seizure

Kuzbass activist and entrepreneur asks for protection from the raider seizure
Kuzbass activist and entrepreneur asks for protection from the raider seizure
10 May 2020, 00:55Economy
Entrepreneur, civic activist and popular blogger from Tashtagol, Kemerovo region Vyacheslav Chernov turned to his readers for help. Novye Izvestia often published his posts on the social, economic, and political problems of Russia.

It is no secret that his civic position and vigorous activity on social networks annoyed the local authorities. In 2018, he first became involved in politics, trying to resist mass fraud in the elections, and since then, for two years now, he has almost single-handedly defended his civic position. Apparently, the patience of local authorities was over, and she decided to strike a blow at Chernov’s business. Here is what he wrote on his blog:

“A misfortune is approaching me, with which I cannot cope alone. I need your help. Governor of the Kemerovo region Tsivilev S.E. in collusion with coal oligarch Prokudin I.Yu. at the moment, they are carrying out a raider seizure of my land ownership, located at the foot of the Green Mountain, STK Sheregesh.

On a tiny site, I rent ski equipment, which I purchased with loans over ten years ago, which is the main source of income for my large family. The loan has been paid back a long time ago, no encumbrances on the property and no other debt obligations for me. Recently, I received an official notification that an auction will be held in August this year, as a result of which the ownership of my land will be transferred to the new owner. Do not ask me how this is possible, in shock itself.

How can I help you? As you know, the case is high-profile and unique in its own way. Perhaps, for the first time in the Kemerovo region, a small entrepreneur will treacherously take away property under the direct control of the governor, who is carrying out his actions in the interests of the coal magnate, whose lands are adjacent to my land. The situation is especially piquant because I am the coordinator of the observing community and I am fighting for fair elections in the territory of the Kuzbass region, which is extremely unsuccessful from an electoral standpoint. In particular, I published information convincingly proving that the post of governor S.E. Tsivilev occupied as a result of large-scale total falsifications.

I need legal help. As you know, the case is scandalous and difficult. Maybe you have some important lawyers in mind, maybe you yourself are a lawyer and could take part in repelling this attack on me and my family, realizing that such a case will significantly increase the lawyer's reputation. Maybe you work in the media or are familiar with those who work in independent media. Coverage of such a case is vital for the business community, to strengthen civil rights and freedoms, to protect the law and justice in general.

I ask you to repost, forward the link to this post to someone who, in your opinion, could provide effective assistance in this situation. I am ready to provide all additional information, materials and documents upon request. You can contact me through a personal email here, or by mail: ridersher@mail.ru, or by phone, whose number I will also inform upon request by the above methods. Thanks for the support!"

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