Figure of the day: 500 Russian "fat men" own 40% of all financial assets of Russians

Figure of the day: 500 Russian "fat men" own 40% of all financial assets of Russians
Figure of the day: 500 Russian "fat men" own 40% of all financial assets of Russians
10 June, 15:06Economy
Financial inequality in Russia is far ahead of the global average.

International consulting company Boston Consulting Group (BCG): less than 0.0001% of the adult population in Russia - about 500 "super rich" citizens - own 40% of all financial assets of Russians, or $ 640 billion.

Now in the Russian Federation there are 57 thousand dollar millionaires.

The wealthiest segment in Russia (with assets of over $ 100 million) accumulates about four times more funds than the global average (13%).

According to Credit Suisse, in 2020, 57% of the country's total financial well-being was concentrated in the hands of 1% of the richest population in Russia, which is the most outstanding indicator in a sample of key countries (35% in the USA, 30% in Germany, in Great Britain - 25%, on average worldwide - 44%)...

Economist Dmitry Prokofiyev is convinced that the number of super-rich Russians should be multiplied by two. And that's why:

“According to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (as of 01.10.2020), the financial assets of all households in the Russian Federation (cash, deposits, debt securities, shares, insurance and pension reserves) amounted to 87.3 trillion rubles. ($ 1.1 trillion at the exchange rate as of the reporting date).

And BCG estimates the total volume of private wealth of Russians in 2020 at $ 4.1 trillion.

I would multiply the number of the "super-rich" by 2 - next to each oligarch there is some state person, and we can say that there are 1000 of the richest, making key decisions in the country.

“Capital overaccumulation,” as Rosa Luxemburg explained, is a situation when there is so much money that there is nowhere to put it. The state oligarchs can also be understood - if they invest their funds inside the Russian Federation - and people get rich - their own share in the total wealth will decrease, which means that influence and power will decrease. Here is "no money"..."

And analysts from the Kremlin Madman explained the difference between Russian billionaires and the rich people of civilized countries:

“Unlike the moneybags of the capitalist West, where billionaires traditionally enjoy a special and very high status in terms of public authority, the“ wealthy moles ”from Russia are more reminiscent of the neighboring Chinese model of oligarchy.

That is, you can be an industrialist or an oilman, Potanin, Alekperov or Mikhelson, but when the Motherland suddenly needs you (in the person of the head of state and the functionaries closest to him), then at the first call you jump from a yacht into a helicopter, and from a helicopter - into a business jet, and with a swift Pushkin's Guidon you will fly to the first person on the carpet.

And you will provide the federal center with everything you need, in the best traditions of the textbook Humpbacked Horse or, at worst, Fedot Strelets.

Therefore, the Western model of the systematization of Russian capitalists can only translate the quantitative aspects of their competitions. In practice, key Russian capital is under the watchful eye of the sovereign.

As well as those who, by the will of fate, happened to "look after" them...".

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