Paradoxes of the pandemic: someone counts the dead, and someone - super-profits

Paradoxes of the pandemic: someone counts the dead, and someone - super-profits

12 February , 10:56Economy
By 2023, the coronavirus pandemic will enrich investors around the world by another 100%.

The journalist Pavel Pryanikov cites in his publication on the financial aspects of the pandemic an extremely interesting graph, from which it follows that the value of world shares is approaching $ 110 trillion.

“Did you personally have a crisis? For the stock markets, on the contrary, the time of the Covid crisis was the best. Surely a lot of investors want the pandemic to never end, so as not to stop this growth. The pandemic until 2023 will enrich investors by another 100% during this time. Someone every day counts the number of deaths from Covid and squeals for wearing triple masks and sitting in self-isolation for another year or two, and someone makes trillions of dollars on such people. Cynical, but true. Alas.

Covid, if you look only at the economy, is an analogue of the World War. And as in any war, money is made on it, as the classics said, "monopoly capital". Now such “capital” is a global investor that has no boundaries. Russia as a part of the global world is no exception, here, too, 100 thousand upper families have decently warmed their hands on the mountain of proles (proles is a term that George Orwell uses in his dystopian novel "1984" to refer to the non-party proletariat, - ed .)

Ordinary things and services are also growing in price. Food for the year has risen in price by an average of 14% in dollars. But this is on average. Wheat, for example, rose in price by 50%. Freight (logistics) is growing in price, and paid medicine is growing at a tremendous pace (and free medicine all over the world remained only for government agencies). Metals and electronics. And all this has not stopped yet..."

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