Group will change its name to VK

News Group will change its name to VK Group will change its name to VK
12 October, 15:18EconomyPhoto: Петербургский дневник
The Internet holding will change its name to VK as part of the rebranding. This was announced by the head of the holding, Boris Dobrodeyev.

As Kommersant notes with reference to Dobrodeev's statement during an online presentation, from now on VK will become a single brand for the entire company.

“Unlike Group, it will be presented not only at the corporate level, but also in our products, the users of which were not always aware of their connection with each other,” Dobrodeyev said.

As conceived by the owners of the company, the updated unified brand will highlight the opportunities that the ecosystem provides.

Various projects and services will receive the same corporate-style logos to increase awareness.

So, the former Boom will be called "VK Music", Worki will be renamed to "VK Work", the service "Yula" will now become "VK Ads", and Lovina will be called "VK Dating".

However, logo changes are not available for all services. Thus, the most recognizable brands such as VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, and My.Games will retain the same names familiar to users. Group became the owner of the popular VKontakte (VK) social network in Russia, covering about 76% of the entire mobile audience of the Russian Internet, in 2014, having bought the brand from the United Capital Partners (UCP) fund, owned by Ilya Shcherbovich.

Today, the services of the VKontakte ecosystem, in addition to the social network itself, include the VK Pay payment service, the VK Combo subscription, the Delivery Club and Samokat services for ordering food and products, the VK Mini Apps mini-application platform, the Citymobil taxi ordering service and others.

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