That's what you were fighting for? Today's Lugansk is drowning in devastation and trash

That's what you were fighting for? Today's Lugansk is drowning in devastation and trash
That's what you were fighting for? Today's Lugansk is drowning in devastation and trash
14 May 2020, 15:42Economy
City landscapes of the capital of the LPR resemble the effects of a radiation attack

A popular blogger who tirelessly criticized the Soviet way of life in his publications, Maxim Mirovich decided to acquaint his readers with what is happening today in the Ukrainian city of Lugansk, the capital of the so-called LPR. The photo essay published by the blogger does not even need a text, the triumph of the “scoop” is so obvious there: dirt, collapse, poverty and cynicism. The urban landscape of present-day Lugansk is the best suited for filming a film about the consequences of a disaster like the Chernobyl disaster - this sight is so terrible.

In this regard, Mirovich raises a reasonable question: for what purpose did this quite prosperous city in the recent past be virtually torn away from Ukraine, moreover, torn away bloodyly, with numerous victims? To die in the mountains of garbage?

Before the war factories functioned in Lugansk: it produced products, provided local residents with jobs and earnings. Now most of them have closed, like this one, to them. Lenin - it is actively sawn into metal.

Public transport of Lugansk, and it mainly consists of minibuses, in such a terrible state that it is not clear how it still performs its functions. For example, the seats of this minibus are repaired using plastic bags.

A terrible impression is made by the Luhansk hospital No. 5, which, after the victory of the LPR, was closed and plundered by local residents.

The assortment of Lugansk stores resembles a Soviet one. Of the goods, the main ones, just like in the USSR, into which the ideologists of the DPR and LPR so want, are salt, soda, sugar, pasta and matches. Sometimes also vegetables. According to Soviet custom: one type of product is stacked on an entire shelf to create the appearance of abundance. And sausages and sausages there are of the same quality as in the USSR - with a high content of paper and dyes.

Lugansk yards are also a terrible sight: mountains of garbage, mud and huge puddles.

In the entrances, the usual surroundings are used syringes, and if God forbid, a car with Ukrainian license plates is parked nearby, then it will be doused with paint at best, and usually they will cut the tires and knock out the windows. And rightly so: on whom else can anger be removed for a failed life? In Ukraine, of course.

So, this is it: Lugansk, liberated incomprehensibly from whom...

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