The question of a freelancer to the state: So, where can I get money for the food?

The question of a freelancer to the state: So, where can I get money for the food?
The question of a freelancer to the state: So, where can I get money for the food?
17 April 2020, 14:26Economy
For the vast majority of Russians, the picture is sad: the state promises support, but those who received it do not seem to exist yet

Where does my family get money for food? What will you do when you run out of money for food? - such serious questions are asked by the Russian photographer and blogger Angela Tolstova:

“Our president signed a decree where it is stated that “we” are resting, and “we” are paid money for this. And this is immediately a failure. I do not rest. And nobody pays me money, because I'm a freelancer.

Since March 28, organizations have sent all employees to "forced rest" with the preservation of wages, except for those associated with life support or in continuous production. Many who may have been transferred to remote work. Today is April 15th and the “sitting at home” will last until May inclusively. If in the beginning of May we are still allowed to go to work, then there won’t be May (or are there still such people who need to “urgently go on vacation at last” and “stay with their family after the New Year holidays”?).

In fact, our family has been without a main job for a month and a half. People began to cancel the planned filming starting from the end of February, especially those with the foreigners. For those who read us for the first time: my husband and I are photographers, I am also a blogger, and I also do advertising. My hobby is a jewelry store, we also have a photo studio, so we are representatives of the so-called small business.

And we are facing the fact now that no one will pay us. All have to seat at home, and we, without saving income, are forced to pay salary for the employees and for the rent. And we have just paid the taxes, before the gracious deferrals...

The fiirst question is: where do the other people who, like us, are freelance or have a smaller business get money from?

The rest are those who work for the uncle and the state under the loot (the salaries are saved and paid, right?). If not, write, pliz, and tell me where you get the money for food?

Everything is fine and beautiful on the president’s lips, but ... In practice, people are faced with a situation where employers force their employees to write statements at their own expense or on vacation, and they dismiss them for refusal.

And here you can understand both sides: hired workers need to feed and support families, pay loans. After all, the credit burden lies on the shoulders of more than half of the population. On the other hand, you can understand the owners of small and medium-sized businesses: from what means will they pay wages if the company does not work and does not make a profit?

In support of citizens, entrepreneurs and representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, our president signed law No. 106-FZ of 04/03/2020. about the "credit vacation." The bottom line is that if a citizen or individual entrepreneur has lost income by more than 30%, you can contact the bank remotely to receive a deferred payment of up to 6 months, and provide supporting documents within 90 days from the date of application.

Despite the fact that the support measure was voiced by the president, entrepreneurs are currently being refused. As it turned out, credit organizations are not ready to meet the lost businessmen and offer only debt restructuring.

And banks are ready to enter the holidays only for those businessmen who have become ill with the coronavirus.

Simply put, the delay of loans promised to citizens, the so-called “vacation” in fact, resulted in an increase in the term and total amount of borrowed funds. Those. people are driven into even greater enslaving conditions, allegedly giving a “delay” of 6 months for the payment of monthly payments. And the promised interest-free loans for entrepreneurs and representatives of small and medium-sized businesses for these needs are not provided by banks to everyone. Most often, people get refused.

In general, the picture is sad: our state promises support, but those who received it do not seem to exist yet.

My family also does not fall under the other payments that are listed: we have children older than 7 years old, we are not unemployed (I don’t understand why the unemployed are shown payments, and those who sat at home without a source of income do not have to pay?) - I do not fall into any presidential privileges, and for the first time in my life I am simply terrified. How so? Doesn't I exist?

Let's look at other countries:

  • USA: The Trump administration has commissioned the Small Business Administration to lend to businesses affected by the coronavirus. The US President called on Congress to increase funding for the lending program by an additional $ 50 billion. Trump also instructed the Treasury Department to defer tax payments for individuals and businesses that are negatively affected by the outbreak of the virus - this will provide more than $ 200 million of additional liquidity for the economy. In addition, during the period of the epidemic, interest will not be charged on loans for studies at universities. And each family will be provided with a one-time financial assistance of $ 3,000. The Fed also decided to reduce the target range of the federal funds rate to almost 0-0.25%.
  • France: the government provided economic assistance in the amount of € 45 billion urgently to enterprises and employees. In March, all tax and social payments were deferred. In the future, they will be canceled for those who will be at risk of bankruptcy. In addition, the authorities intend to provide state guarantees for loans to small and medium enterprises in the amount of 300 billion euros.
  • Czech Republic: the country's state will cover 80% of the salary of employees of all enterprises forced to stop work due to quarantine. The remaining 20% should pay extra to the company. In addition, the Czech government is considering the possibility of supporting those businesses that were not closed during the quarantine period, but which were still affected by the epidemic. Employees of such enterprises are promised to cover half the salary. The Czech Republic has developed a separate action plan for self-employed people. They will be allowed to suspend social insurance payments and provide benefits to those who are particularly affected. The state will also pay care benefits to all self-employed persons with children under 13 years of age. The benefits will be approximately 500 euros per month. The entire package of the Ministry of Labor is designed for six months and its cost can reach about 630 million euros. The Czech Ministry of Finance also granted a delay of three months for filing income tax and tax returns for small businesses and individuals.
  • Austria: A bailout package of € 4.4 billion has been announced to guarantee companies and jobs. The country also promises credit guarantees to business, interim loans, deferred payment of taxes, reduction of advance tax payments, strengthening and accelerating export promotion. Separate support measures are being developed for the tourism industry. In particular, the Austrian hotel and tourism bank will provide companies with interim financing in the amount of 100 million euros.
  • Japan: about $ 4 billion was allocated to support small and medium-sized businesses. Some of the funds will be used to compensate parents who had to take leave due to quarantine of educational institutions. According to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the total amount of state support for the economy due to the coronavirus can reach more than $ 15.2 billion.
  • Poland: The Polish government has announced a large package of assistance to the economy and entrepreneurs. Estimated volume - about $ 52 billion. Also, Poland will cover 40% of the wages of employees of companies trying to avoid layoffs. Workers will be allowed to delay social insurance payments.
  • Denmark: the government promised private companies that were affected by the restrictions to cover 75%, but not more than 3077 euros, of the salary of each employee. And only subject to the preservation of staff. The remaining 25% must be paid by the business. The program will run until June 9th. At the same time, employees were required to take five days of compulsory leave during quarantine. There is also a deferral of VAT for businesses.

Of course I'm afraid to get sick. . I am afraid that my parents will fall ill, they are at risk and they are in another city. But more than anything, I feel sorry for my accumulated money: I saved several months for several months, and now, I am very grateful to God for having them. That now my family lives on the money that I saved. I am grateful to God for my micro-earnings, which are here and there, and I sit all day at the computer to get this tiny money, which at the end of the day accumulates in a certain income.

The second question: can the state really not make payments to freelancers?

Really can not pay those people who receive income from those who leave home to work? We are as if not in the country? Me and my husband, we don’t count for people who, like others, need help with money or “save us an RFP”, which in our case is made up of those who went into self-isolation? I don’t understand WHAT is the reason to give money to everyone? Which specifically.

And the third question, the main one: How is it NECESSARY to do in your opinion now?

So write clearly and point by point, as NECESSARY, so that it becomes better and becomes correct. Everywhere I hear only condemnation, and this is initially not true - incoherent condemnation gives anger and reduces performance and concentration.

If among my readers there are people who live in other countries, write a country, and how are you doing with payments from the state and with poor freelancers. My comments are read by living people, and everyone wants to know the specifics and not the endless cries that "KING is not real."

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