The share of closed companies in Russia increased by 17.5%

The share of closed companies in Russia increased by 17.5%
The share of closed companies in Russia increased by 17.5%
18 July, 12:26EconomyPhoto: Сибинфо
From March to June of this year, 113.5 thousand commercial enterprises were closed in Russia. This figure is 17.5% more than in the same period last year.

Analysts of the international FinExpertiza network came to such conclusions based on data from the Federal Tax Service (FTS).

The main reason for the closure of businesses in the country during this period was the closure of enterprises and their exclusion from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities by decision of the tax authorities.

“In particular, 78 thousand companies (68.7% of cases) were excluded due to the presence of inaccurate data, another 19 thousand (16.7%) legal entities were declared inactive (they did not submit tax returns and did not conduct operations during the year). on accounts)", - Kommersant notes.

Almost the same number (16.5 thousand enterprises or 14.5%) went through the procedure of liquidation by decision of the owners. At the same time, 2.5 thousand (2.2%) of them went bankrupt. Another 1.6 thousand companies (1.4%) were reorganized.

Only 78.6 thousand new companies appeared during this period, or 69.2% of the number of closed ones.

After the start of the military special operation of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine, representative offices of Western companies began to be massively closed in Russia. Following them, financial difficulties appeared in local satellite businesses that ensured the operation of the main industries.

A number of companies announced the suspension of work for an indefinite period, others closed forever, and others were forced to sell their businesses to local entrepreneurs.

To support production and restore the country's economy, the authorities took a number of economic support measures, including a moratorium on debt collection, even for those companies that do not have signs of bankruptcy, and also proposed a preferential industrial mortgage program. The Moscow region will become a pilot region for its implementation.

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