Nabiullina urged not to reduce mortgage rates

Nabiullina urged not to reduce mortgage rates

19 February , 09:39EconomyPhoto: ТАСС
The head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina said that the availability of mortgages in Russia must be ensured by targeted measures, including support for borrowers in the regions and young families.

Nabiullina indicated that lowering interest rates on housing loans against market trends would serve to create a bubble.

"Mortgage rates should not be contrary to market trends, otherwise we have the risk of a bubble in the financial market', - RIA Novosti news agency quotes the words of the Bank of Russia Chairman.

Nabiullina recalled that in 2020 the mortgage rate was lowered due to a general decrease in rates in the market, as well as anti-crisis preferential mortgages. The latter, stressed the head of the Central Bank, has already led to an increase in housing prices.

"For borrowers in many regions, the low rate has already been covered by the increased apartment price. Therefore, the availability of mortgages needs to be provided with more targeted measures: support for borrowers in the regions, young families", - Nabiullina noted.

It's worth reminding that President Vladimir Putin instructed the government, together with the Bank of Russia, to study the possibility of reducing the interest rate on preferential mortgages for families with two or more children.

Let us note that against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic in Russia, a preferential mortgage program was introduced at 6.5% per annum to support the construction industry and make it easier for citizens to buy housing in new buildings. Since the beginning of the program, about 350 thousand families have become its participants. However, the introduction of preferential mortgages caused a stir in the housing market (even during the crisis that followed the pandemic) and a shortage of good proposals. This provoked a strong rise in real estate prices, in connection with which the Central Bank proposed to abandon the further introduction of mortgage benefits in the country.

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