Sberbank will sell data on spending and travel of Russians to the authorities

Sberbank will sell data on spending and travel of Russians to the authorities
Sberbank will sell data on spending and travel of Russians to the authorities
20 October 2020, 10:46EconomyPhoto:
In the near future, Sberbank will launch a pilot geoanalytics service for businesses and regional authorities, which will accumulate information about customer spending and movements.

According to RBC, citing a statement by Stanislav Kartashov, Vice President, Director of the Corporate Clients 360 Division of the Corporate and Investment Business Block of Sberbank, the new service will analyze banking transactions of Russians and compare them with information about the physical location of retail outlets.

The program will analyze migration flows, especially the movement of customers between the city and the suburbs. On the basis of this data, Sber analysts will recommend to business representatives and officials solutions in the field of real estate management and land relations - for example, where it is more profitable to locate new stores, or how best to develop the transport infrastructure of cities.

Obtaining data on cash and non-cash expenses of Russians in stores, Sberbank terminals and ATMs with reference to a specific location will be carried out using the 2GIS cartographic platform, which Sberbank acquired in August of this year. The information received will be summarized on the SberAnalytica platform.

“Sberbank has already received inquiries from regional and municipal authorities and from retail chains. Geoanalytics can be useful for small businesses too”, - the message says.

At the same time, the bank claims that all the information received about the spending and movements of Russians "will be used in an impersonal form".

Sber's offer on the market is not new. For several years now, based on their own data, cellular operators have been compiling reports on the movement of their subscribers and making analytics on their basis both for their own needs - for example, the need to install additional cell towers in certain areas - and for corporate customers and authorities. The demand for these data in the market is quite high. According to Vedomosti, the Moscow Department of Information Technologies alone spent over half a billion rubles to acquire this information in four years, and in Russia as a whole in 2019 the volume of the geoanalytical services market reached 850 million rubles. Over 80% of this money today is received by mobile operators and related structures.

According to experts, with the development of a new service, in two years Sberbank may occupy up to 10% of the consumer analytics market.

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