The knocked dollar has updated its anti-record and is already preparing for a new one

The knocked dollar has updated its anti-record and is already preparing for a new one
The knocked dollar has updated its anti-record and is already preparing for a new one
23 June, 08:23Economy
June 22 will go down in the history of stock reports: today the dollar has updated its minimum of 2015, having fallen to the level of 53.5 rubles. In the coming days, the “green paper” will generally fall in price to 50 rubles, banking analysts agree.

Yekaterina Maksimova

“The situation with the ruble exchange rate is beginning to take on the character of midnight delirium. And until the next tax period ends and the unfortunate exporters sell about $20 billion worth of foreign currency to pay off the budget, nothing will stop”, - investment banker Yevgeny Kogan commented on his VKontakte page.

In "BCS-Express" call the possible exchange rate. “Still suppressed imports, high prices for raw materials, as well as the factor of the tax period, have an effect. Risks of approaching the dollar-ruble exchange rate to the level of 50 - high," BCS-Express experts warn.

Analyst Maxim Pukhov predicts the same price per dollar. “In theory, the dollar has a fairly high probability of continuing to decline and testing the level of 50 rubles”, - Pukhov said.

Analysts of the bank "Saint-Petersburg" also confidently predict that the strengthening of the ruble may continue in the coming days. The peak of tax payments will be at the end of June.

Maxim Pukhov recalls that in recent days, Russian officials have begun to talk much more often about the undesirability of further strengthening of the ruble, but the convertible currency continues to weaken, and the national currency strengthens abnormally.

“According to rumors, the regulator [Central Bank] will need a new mechanism to manage the exchange rate. Among the most considered options, we can say about the further weakening of the rules for foreign exchange transactions for legal entities working with foreign counterparties, and the expansion of the possibility of access to foreign currency for individuals <… >. The actions of the regulator are clearly aimed at stopping the current trend, but it is not clear when they will give their results”, - Finam quotes Petukhov.

Novye Izvestia reported that experts had started talking about another fall in the dollar a few days ago. Finam analyst Alexander Potavin then explained to Novye Izvestia that the situation would be affected not only by the next tax period for exporters, but also by the unpleasant news that came in June for currency holders on accounts and deposits. Banks, we recall, began to introduce negative rates and commissions on foreign currency deposits. “Therefore, companies, banks and individuals continue to get rid of the currency in their accounts. As a result, the ruble exchange rate is strengthening, thereby causing damage to the Russian budget and exporters”, - said Alexander Potavin.

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