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22 May
More than half of enterprises called their situation catastrophic
Over half of representatives of small and medium-sized businesses rated the chances of survival of their companies at 50% or even lower. At the...
"Buy a goat!" Is it worth trusting Sterligov’s calls to invest in his farmstead
The infamous entrepreneur actively encourages investors to support his new agricultural projects.
18 May
Survey: 83% of entrepreneurs do not expect to get help from the state
Most business representatives believe that they can only rely on themselves. They expect a worsening situation in the near future.
15 May
Business is going right down the drain: every tenth company in Russia is on the verge of bankruptcy
More than the half of entrepreneurs will be able to stay afloat for another maximum one to three months. Every tenth Russian company is on the...
The price of Brent oil exceeded $ 32.3 for the first time in a month
Brent crude for July delivery exceeded $ 32. For the first time since April 14, Brent is trading at $ 32.3. June WTI futures rose in price to $...
14 May
Question of the day: where did the two billion allocated for the Russian analogue of Wikipedia get to?
The Russian government abandoned the idea of creating a “Russian Wikipedia”, having spent almost two billion rubles on this project.
Pay, pay, pay ... What real "aid" does the power render to business
Never once, in anything, anywhere, on a jot did the government do any relaxation, improvements, benefits, assistance and support of business in the...