An activist who recorded an appeal to Putin was attacked in the Tambov region

An activist who recorded an appeal to Putin was attacked in the Tambov region
An activist who recorded an appeal to Putin was attacked in the Tambov region
1 July 2021, 17:36IncidentsPhoto: Мойка 78
Unknown persons in the Tambov region attacked with a knife the activist Roman Gerasimov, who was recording an appeal to a direct line with Vladimir Putin.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Gerasimov received three stab wounds and was taken to hospital. According to RBC, the attack took place on June 30. On the day of the straight line, Gerasimov was cut a tire on a car, and on July 1 he was attacked.

“A man was attacked in the village of Berezovka at the gate of his house - the attackers tried to pull Gerasimov out of the car. His wife and son came to his aid, a pepper bottle was used against them”, - the TV channel “Rain” reports.

The hijackers hit Gerasimov and stabbed him in the heart, in the stomach and in the leg. Gerasimov, in spite of his injuries, while in the hospital, was able to testify to the police, who announced the "Intercept" plan in the area of the attack.

Not far from the place of emergency, local residents found a car without numbers. Neighbors believe that the attackers could have moved from it to another car.

In a video message addressed to the president, Gerasimov and his fellow villagers asked Putin to prevent the construction of a landfill, which, contrary to the opinion of residents, they want to build on a site with a high level of groundwater.

“In addition, there is a monument of history and nature - Kozlovsky Val nearby”, - residents said in a video message.

716 people have already signed up to the petition against the landfill, and the collection of signatures continues.

It is noteworthy that after the Message Processing Center received the message from the Sosnovsky District, the staff of the direct line contacted Gerasimov and prepared to broadcast him, but on June 30 the Internet was turned off in the village.

Residents of other regions also complained to Putin about similar problems of counteracting the "removal of litter from the hut". So, a resident of Novokuznetsk, Elena Kalinina, who asked Putin to help with the repair of the roof of a kindergarten-school, began to receive threats from local officials. They were so convincing that the next morning Elena Vladimirovna herself called the direct line again and asked to delete her appeal, because representatives of the education department contacted her and asked to delete the appeal with the following wording: “Do she feel sorry for the head of the kindergarten and her grandson". After the volunteers of the direct line told about the threats received by the applicant, the mayor of Novokuznetsk, Sergei Kuznetsov, said that no one had allegedly threatened the woman, and added that the roof was being repaired in the building.

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