An aircraft technician from Moscow died at the airport of Minvody during repair work on a plane

An aircraft technician from Moscow died at the airport of Minvody during repair work on a plane
An aircraft technician from Moscow died at the airport of Minvody during repair work on a plane
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At the Minvoda airport, a Boeing 737-800 belonging to Pobeda airlines had a nose landing gear leak. During the repair, an aircraft technician of the VTS company, which serves the aircraft of the airline, died. The prosecutor's office is investigating.

As it became known to "Novye Izvetia", Nikolay Belov, an aircraft technician of the VTS service company, died at the Mineralnye Vody airport while repairing a malfunction in the front landing gear.

On January 28, a Pobeda plane arrived in Minvody on a daytime flight from Sheremetyevo. After that, he was suspended from flying due to technical problems. As it turned out, the front landing gear was leaking. The plane was doused at the repair base, but during the repair, the rack folded and crushed Nikolai Belov's technician to death. He was 39 years old.

The Deputy General Director of the military-technical cooperation said that "the aircraft was in the process of repairing a defect, due to which the landing gear gave way, the aircraft crashed, and the technician died".

One of UTG's aircraft maintenance and repair executives approached the technicians and asked them not to forget the safety pins when servicing the hooves.

Сложившееся шасси Боинга
Photo:Телеграм-канал "Аэрофлотовщина"

Aviation expert Vadim Lukashevich commented on the incident to Novye Izvestia. In his opinion, the analysis of the available photographs does not give an unambiguous picture of what happened:

- It is not clear how a person could die in this situation. Not all racks were formed, but only the front. And it did not develop, but decreased in height. We see that the aircraft is either being towed or preparing to be towed. There you can see the carrier brought to the front pillar. Unclear. The plane is on the runway with its nose slightly lowered. Compression of the rack is possible, and oil leakage from the shock absorber is already a non-standard situation. It can be assumed that everything was done, then the plane began to be towed and trouble happened.

The prosecutor's office opened a criminal case on the fact of death at the workplace. If it is recognized that the misfortune did not occur through the fault of the deceased, the family is entitled to a lifelong pension for the loss of a breadwinner. Nikolai Belov left two children.

- In a normal situation, if people have a conscience and decency, then you can take on the payments, if only because it is a solid structure. For them, paying a survivor's pension is nonsense. Purely humanly, the guy worked for more than one year, two children remained orphans. If there are attempts to pin the blame on the deceased, from my point of view, this is completely immoral, although it is beneficial for everyone: there is no accounting and no responsibility, - Vadim Lukashevich believes.

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