"If only wouldn't peck the guy!" Citizens worry about the fate of the student who corrected Putin

"If only wouldn't peck the guy!" Citizens worry about the fate of the student who corrected Putin
"If only wouldn't peck the guy!" Citizens worry about the fate of the student who corrected Putin
2 September 2021, 13:14Incidents
After the director of the school where Nikanor Tolstykh studies, called his act "arrogance", social networks called on Putin to stand up for the teenager.

The incident that took place at an open lesson in Vladivostok, when Putin made a reservation and called the Northern War the Seven Years, and Nikanor Tolstykh, a student of school No. 35 from Vorkuta, could not restrain himself and corrected the head of state, caused understandable public concern: is it better for teenagers to point out the presidents' mistakes? As it turned out, the concern was not in vain, since the director of the school where Tolstykh studies, Yulia Ryabtseva, also intervened. In an interview with reporters, she commented on this case as follows:

“Probably, this is a combination of youth, when there is still a lack of communication with people occupying a position in society, and healthy ambitions that allowed Nikanor to achieve certain results. My age would no longer allow me to act this way in dealing with the president. And in his youth... Well, probably some kind of arrogance.

Our boy is, of course, a star, good - that's for sure. He takes an active civic position. But there should be modesty so as not to correct Vladimir Vladimirovich, too, but we begin to understand this over the years".

This is how self-censorship works in Russian society, and this is despite the fact that Ryabtseva perfectly saw that Putin reacted calmly to the opponent's remark, and nevertheless, she decided that this was inappropriate behavior. On social networks, Ryabtseva's words called out indignation:

So, the expert of the channel "Yuri Dolgoruky" writes:

“Yes, respected (in fact, not very) Yulia Ryabtseva, your age would not allow you. But the boy is still so young. He does not know what it is like to maneuver in the complex world of adults. And, believe me, the later he finds out, the better. Not only for him, but for the country as a whole. Because it is people like him, not you, Yulia Ryabtseva, who determine her future. Moreover, even Putin himself did not ask for an apology and servility, for a person of his scale the amendment from the side of a schoolboy does not threaten him with image. Putin is the people's leader, his image has always been built on this and will continue to be built. And he hardly needs protection from the head of the general education school. And nothing would have happened to the boy either - after all, he already lives in Vorkuta...

Journalist Vasily Alenin quite rightly remembered serfdom in this regard:

"In general", they teach at school...". How can you not remember the round historical date - 160 years of the abolition of serfdom. Those, by historical standards, are very recent times when the Nicanors and other Nikifors did not allow themselves to be clever in the presence of "persons of royal blood." And in general they did not know how to read, but carried "pianos with a glass of cognac" - exactly until the VKP (b) happened in 1917 - "The second serfdom (of the Bolsheviks)" there are white sea channels.

Now the "new Putin nobility" is lowering the Russians into another kind of serfdom... And if you want to be in their system not just a new serf with a credit card for food and a salary of 15 tr., But a necessary lackey, orderly, or maybe even clerk, you better keep your mouth shut, keep your head down, close your eyes and fit in. And, as Minister Lavrov told first-graders on September 1, first-graders number 2 on the United Russia list, if you ask, then "the right questions"..."

And political scientist Abbas Gallyamov hopes that Putin will stand up for the teenager:

“Probably, it would make sense for the president to speak out in defense of the schoolboy who corrected him today. Say, everything is fine, I'm not offended. Otherwise they will peck the guy. The headmaster of the school has already used the word "impudence"..."

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