The criminal got a job at MTS company to steal customers' money

The criminal got a job at MTS company to steal customers' money
The criminal got a job at MTS company to steal customers' money
4 August 2020, 16:17Incidents
Despite the fact that the crimes of the attacker were solved, the company continued to shield him so as not to pay the compensation to the client.

Lawyer Alexey Fedyarov described in his blog how criminals use their official position to rob Russians:

“We worked with the lawyers of my firm on a SIM-cards' fraud case. Interesting and successful ending for the client. I will share.

The man had accounts with Sberbank and VTB. Both accounts with a mobile bank, operator - MTS. At one point, when a person left Moscow for several days, his SIM card stopped working. Arriving, he turned to MTS, where they explained to him that he had replaced the SIM card by personally arriving at the office (which is not true), and the employee who made the replacement quit.

During this period, scammers transferred about 12 million rubles from mobile applications to their accounts.

The first path that lay on the surface was a criminal case. Yes, he was instituted, moreover, the group was identified and detained. On that matter, as usual, froze. But there was also another problem - compensation for harm.

Therefore, we decided to take the second path. Two at the same time, it happens with lawyers. We went to court with a claim against MTS and banks jointly and severally to recover damages.

Here I will pass to the end, the twists and turns are of little interest. Seven sessions and the claim was satisfied in full, including symbolic moral damage. Important - only to MTS, since it was this organization that did not ensure the security of its services.

Well, the cherry on top: a representative of MTS submitted an expert opinion to the court that the signature on the application for replacing the SIM card belongs to our client. It didn't work, they proved the inadmissibility of the examination, namely: our client was in a different place that day. Just no options..."

The technology of theft is simple here: a one-time password that allows transactions with a bank account comes to the phone every time. The employee "hangs" a new SIM card on the old number so that the password is sent to a specific telephone set, and blocks the old SIM card for this time. Then the new SIM card is disconnected from the number, destroyed, the old one is unlocked, and the person who had access to this is dismissed...

But here the position of MTS is extremely interesting, which, judging by the testimony of the lawyer, provided a false result of the examination. It would be fine if an unscrupulous employee, simply a criminal, entered the company, but to shield him by forging expertise... How can this even be?!

The comments to this post are also matched, and here we cite only the most innocent statements about MTS and other mobile operators:

- Stunned! what good fellows you are! MTS - deservedly got it in the brain ... How much money they wrote off from my mother's mobile several years ago! Serves it right!

- There was exactly such a story. He left for China and MTS issued a SIM card by proxy to someone who is not clear. Money was stolen from me, though only about 30 thousand rubles, but something else is interesting: MTS did not answer an official request from the police, how to whom and why my SIM card was issued. Six months later, the police lost the case. They decided to send them to another department, and the case was not received there. Neither the prosecutor's office, no one helped. They said write a new application and start over. So I have no happy ending.

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