Two freight trains collided in Transbaikalia

Two freight trains collided in Transbaikalia
Two freight trains collided in Transbaikalia
4 August 2021, 09:49Incidents
Ten cars derailed in a collision of freight trains in the Trans-Baikal Territory. Aviation kerosene spilled from the tanks.

The accident happened on the Aleur-Bushuley section of the Trans-Baikal Railway late the night before. As a result of the incident, the size of the adjacent track was violated. The traffic on the stretch had to be stopped.

- The threat to environmental safety is being specified, - said in the message of the Trans-Baikal Railway.

Recovery trains were sent to the scene of the accident. Passenger trains will be delayed. In the message of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the region, it is said that two supports of the contact network and the railway tracks are damaged. Also, traffic on the Transsib is blocked due to the difficult flood situation in the Amur region.

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